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Tuesday, March 15, 2022

The Brits Go Wild and Crazy

Outdoor weddings and civil partnerships are to be legalised permanently in England and Wales, ministers have announced.

Since last summer, couples have been able to hold their civil wedding or ceremony outside under temporary measures introduced during the coronavirus pandemic.

Before then, civil ceremonies had to take place indoors, or outdoors within a permanent structure such as a bandstand.
I understand that Britain has a reputation of being an über-nanny state, but weddings weren't legal if there wasn't a roof over the ceremony? What the hell was the motivation for that? Was it a plot by Big Wedding Venue to ensure that they got their piece of the action?


dan gerene said...

It could be that some religions seem to believe that God lives in a building and it is their building that he lives in. Or it could be some one profits off of an indoor wedding. I am not against religion at all but against the exclusiveness of some including the one I was raised in.

Ten Bears said...

To keep the dragons from interfering ...

CenterPuke88 said...

Dan, these are the “civil ceremonies”, not the church version. In most of Europe, the actual marriage occurs in a civil ceremony, the religious one is done for fun. You want nanny state, most of Europe has rules on what you can name your kid(s).