Seen on the street in Kyiv.

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Sunday, March 6, 2022


A Russian gunship gets shot down over Uraine.

Assuming it's genuine....


Old NFO said...

I 'think' it might be. Interesting steering angles on the MANPAD fins which looks real.

Stewart Dean said...

Going to the Twitter feed, you can translate the Ukranian with Google Translate.

Further down that feed,
= former Royal Marines being welcomed.
=The Chief of the General Staff of the Belarusian Army has resigned due to the mass refusal of the Army to prepare for war against Ukraine.

Glenn Kelley said...

If missiles can deny air support to ground troops the odds change considerably. The BBC was reporting a lot of downed Russian aircraft.As someone said "it's not a good time to be a Russian pilot".

Stewart Dean said...

Oops, that's
Going to the Twitter feed, you can translate the Ukranian with Google Translate.

Stewart Dean said...

If it isn't too complex, you can translate the entire webpage:

In your browser, go to Google Translate.
At the top, click Websites.
We recommend setting the original language to “Detect language.” or Ukranianian
In the “Website,” enter a URL.
Click Go Translate.

Like this...enter on the left
Get this on the right

Comrade Misfit said...

If I’m reading things right, the flares that the Russians have been shooting out of their aircraft are worth fuck–all when it comes to Stingers.

Antibubba said...

Right next to a graveyard too. Very convenient.