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Thursday, March 17, 2022

The Companies That Keep Doing Business With Putin

There should be no surprise to this: Koch Industries continues to do business with the Butcher of Ukraine. Halliburton is another one.

The above link will bring you to an article that lists those companies that have stopped doing business with Putin and those who have blithely carried on, because they are amoral fucks.

These are the amoral fucks, as of today:

The list of Putin's sycophants in this country probably needs to be compiled. So far, it would seem to include Tucker "Tuckyorose" Carlson, Donald Trump and his spawn, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Nick Fuentes, Paul Gosar, Thomas Massie, Matt Rosendale, Glenn Greenwald, Candace Owens, almost everyone who appears on the Tuckyo Rose Show and most of the hosts on Fox News.


dinthebeast said...

Glenn Greenwald can fuck right off. So can Matt Taibbi.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Stewart Dean said...

I think of Tucker as Lord Haw-Haw

Comrade Misfit said...

Yes, but Tuckyo Rose has more of a ring to it.