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Friday, March 18, 2022

Racist Teabaggers, Much?

The Parade of Aggrieved Fat White Male Racists continues:


Eck! said...

They should, a felony vandalism rap sheet is a real pita.

They show all the light and forethought of a snail, and that's an
insult to snails.


dan gerene said...

What supposedly started as a protest at the Canadian border over vaccine requirements has now been turned into a bunch of trouble makers who just want to protest that they never have gotten the kind of life they think they are entitled to. How can an actual truck driver take so much time from their job unless they are getting money from another source? In many ways they parallel some of the 1/6 insurrectionist who didn't even vote in the election they were protesting. Causing discord and trouble seems to be their main goal.