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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

With a Few Minor Alterations, This Fits Putin Like a Bespoke Suit

“There must be no doubt about one thing. Political separation from [Russia] may not lead to deprivation of rights—that is, the general rights of self-determination. In the long run it is unbearable for a world power to know there are [ethnic] comrades at its side who are constantly being afflicted with the severest suffering for their sympathy or unity with the whole nation, its destiny, and its [worldview]. To the interests of the [Russian Federation] belong the protection of those [Russian] peoples who are not in a position to secure along our frontiers their political and spiritual freedom by their own efforts.”

I don't need to tell you who spoke the original version of those words, do I?

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dan gerene said...

Some times it's hard to talk about Putin,tRump or the only other people TFG admires without violating Goodwin's Law.