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Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Police Fuckery Continues

The Seattle cops inflamed an already bad situation in 2020 by faking radio chatter about armed Proud Boys going towards an ongoing BLM demonstration.

You have to wonder what sort of low-wattage badeged-up chuckleheards thought that this was a good idea. You can bet that the Seattle brass tried to cover it up until they couldn't/


B said...

So where is the actual harm?

Comrade Misfit said...

Stoking up tensions isn't a harm, in and of itself?

B said...

IF that were harm, then the Media should be imprisoned. As should many politicians (of both sides).

dinthebeast said...

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Ten Bears said...

That whole incites a riot, cause a bunch of damage to private property and blame it on the "lefties" thing isn't working out so well, aeh? Like the 1/6 coup d'état, there was a "lefty" within a hundred miles. Millions of dollars of damage to private property.

But Seattle, like Portland, is generally regarded as a "lefty" town so, no harm ...

Oh! Wait! What's that you say!? The Angry Moms were there, and the Leaf-Blower Brigade.

Eck! said...


Inflame and incite by untruth and unfacts... No harm there right?

Maybe we should imprison them/those too.
Oh, right, they have the right to free speech as do the media.
Hang one, hang them all.