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Friday, January 21, 2022

Start Soaking the Maskholes

An American Airlines flight to London returned to Miami after a passenger refused to follow the federal requirement to wear a face mask, according to the airline.

American Airlines should send the passenger a bill. Two hours of 777 flight time works out to somewhere around $60,000. Loading and unloading the airplane of baggage, guesstimate is six people for an hour's work... figure that at $300, maybe a little more. $50 per passenger to rebook them would be maybe $6,000. If the airline had to put up any passengers overnight, add that in. So maybe $70,000 or more.

If she doesn't pay, then sue her and ask for punitive damages due to her outrageous conduct. For it was outrageous. She probably believed that once the flight was an hour out or so, she could take off her mask and that they'd have no choice but to fly on. She bet poorly.

And then get all of the other passengers to assemble their costs and they could form a class-action and sue her for their additional costs.

Plus, there are the Federal charges of interfering with a flight and failing to obey the instructions of a flight crew, which might be good foor a little bit of a staycation in the Greybar Hotel.


B said...

I absolutely agree. No one forces you to fly, but they DO state the conditions when you buy that ticket. If you don't want to wear a mask, then don't fly.

You are probably low on the total cost though. But she should be on the hook for all of it.

Comrade Misfit said...

777 charter costs seem to run from ~$29K to over $50K for the luxury bizjets. I’m assuming those are wet rates. If they’re dry rates, add about $6,000/hr or so.

I was trying to lowball it. AMR should be able to easily figure it all up.

Ten Bears said...

Wo, red-letter day, mark it on the calendar.

Like restaurants, I just can't see myself ever getting in one again. If I can't get there in my old one-ton Chevy four by four, I just don't think I want to be there.

Have you looked at the new flying electric motorcycles ... !?

seafury said...

Good idea, no great idea. With this stuff becoming a daily occurrence, has any money ever changed hands in these cases? I'd be curious to see a case from start to finish.

JustMusing said...

The drunk first class passenger has been indefinitely banned by American Airlines pending an investigation. She was verbally abusive and was offered different masks styles to wear. Refused them one and all. Too bad there wasn't an air marshal on board to handcuff her to a seat at the rear of the plane.

I won't be flying anytime soon as there is no upside to the whole stressful process. Keeping my travel local and driving fun cars to get where I need to go.

This one paid though not flying: