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Thursday, January 20, 2022

She Chose Poorly

Hana Horka, a Czech singer, deliberately contracted Covid so she wouldn't have to be vaccinated. She died of Covid.


Tod Germanica said...

So euros can make foolish and suicidal decisions even without fatal Trumpite propaganda like the US brain-dead Goopers are covered in. Did she somehow miss how unvaccinated covid lungs turn into a useless mass of blood and pus? Suffocating on your own bodily fluids ain't my choice of a gentle death. Guess she dismissed the valid medical advice of the world's experts on infectious diseases as fake news by the left-leaning main stream media. Putin strikes again. The deaths of his enemies- all of us- makes him smile.

Frank Wilhoit said...

Only addiction can override survival. What we are dealing with is a pandemic, not of a virus, but of addiction to ideology. It is the most profitable and most lethal drug that has ever been sold; and neither its users nor its pushers need fear, based upon history, that anyone is suddenly going to have an epiphany about the nature of addiction.

Jesse said...

Gloating over someone's death, because they made a different medical decision the you. Evil.

Jesse said...

This is as evil as those posting about people who have died soon after recieving a shoot.

Tod Germanica said...

Not gloating, I didn't know this person so I'm not mourning her but her death doesn't make me happy (unlike Putin). But saying 'don't act like this woman did because your results may be exactly the same- death', is not gloating. It's simple observation and logic.

Comrade Misfit said...

"Gloating"? Saying "she chose poorly," which is the truth of the matter, is "gloating"?

Every death of a person who thinks that it's safer to be unvaccinated and contract the disease needs to be made public. Every death of an unvaccinated person who expresses regret before they pass on needs to be made public.

Possibly it'll convince somebody to get vaccinated. It may not, for a number of them are so deep into Paulsamic conspiracy theories that they think that the vaccine is a plot and they need JFK,Jr. to save them.

jadair04 said...

Okay. I find it just as evil as those who gloat over deaths related to the shots. Evil times. I guess you see it different. Well. Your call. Have a great day, On Purpose!

Tod Germanica said...

This is from the woman's son:
'Rek spoke with multiple news outlets to mourn the loss of his mother, and to warn others of how insidious the anti-vaxxer movement is. “If you have living examples from real life, it’s more powerful than just graphs and numbers. You can’t really sympathize with numbers.”

He said his mother’s brand of anti-vaxxer beliefs had nothing to do with grand conspiracy theories concerning micro-chips, but with the belief that natural immunity was better. “I know exactly who influenced her … It makes me sad that she believed strangers more than her proper family.” And he saved his anger to direct at those peddling misinformation and fear. “You took away my mom, who based her arguments on your convictions. I despise you.”