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Monday, January 24, 2022

Going Old School; Gun Ed.

Nearly four years ago, I picked up a S&W 686.

I recently bought a set of magna grips from Midway and a grip adapter from Robertson's Trading Post.

First off, I think it looks better. It feels right, too. Second, with carrying it concealed, wood grips are less likely to grab clothing and "print".


Tod Germanica said...

That was the look back then, you needed a Tyler-Tee-Grip adapter and speed loader holding Flying Ashtray hollow points. The gtip adapter really does kick the barrel up to point more naturally than the stock walnut factory grips alone, cool looking as they are.

Ten Bears said...

Nice piece. That is all ...

Old NFO said...

If it works for you, that is what counts. And the T-grips were/still are on a LOT of small revolvers for a reason!