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Saturday, January 8, 2022

Let's Blow Shit Up!

The Finns blow up a Tesla:

The subtitles are pretty craptastic, though.


Tod Germanica said...

That there blowed up real good, real good. Would have been more profitable to break the car down and resell the expensive parts but not as much fun. A well heeled idiot able not only to afford a Tesla but rich enough to throw away big money on a stunt. But what do I know, some evil corporation is probably paying him lots for this pollution. Too bad they had to use the dummy instead of Elon.

Stewart Dean said...

#1 The Russians have always been fond of extending a helping hand to the Finns by attempting to fraternally annex their neighbor to the West. The Finns: "So many of them, so few of us, how will we bury them all?"

#2 In the Thirty Years War of the early 1600s, the major powers contending included Sweden led by the military legend Gustavus Adolphus; he had enormous success until he led from the front one too many times. A major element of his blitzkreig warfare were his irregular Finnish light cavalry, who became named after their battlecry, Haakepellita...which can be translated as Kill them all.
A Finnish company of the early 190s made rubber products for Finnish dairymen...and eventually tires (and cellphones); their Press On Regardless winter snow tires are called...Haakepellita....

Ten Bears said...

That's what I wanted to do to Donna's Smart car when Mercedes of Boston handed me a four-thousand-dollar invoice for repairs. Bet it would only take one of those sticks. The battery pack is fifteen hundred dollars, and it's a gas job! 1,000cc two cylinder, six speeds, one wheel drive. My motorcycle had a bigger motor. The muffler, the brakes a grand.

It's for sale, if anyone's interested.

That 'ol one-ton, four-by-four chevy pickup of mine might only get ten miles to the gallon (on a good day), but I can generally fix it myself for under five hundred bucks.

dinthebeast said...

The guy from the Hydraulic Press Channel, who has plenty of cool explosion videos of his own, was involved with this, and he noted that the battery and motors had been removed prior to detonation.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Glenn Kelley said...

The warrantee on a 2013 Tesla was 8 years,battery included. If it sat at the dealers for 6 months .....
A degradation test on the battery can be done in a day .