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Thursday, January 6, 2022

A Year Ago, Throngs of Peaceful Tourists Toured the Capitol, Looked at the Statues, and Went Home

That, of course, is not what happened. Far from it. But for those who believe that's what happened, they have had to disbelieve countless hours of film footage, tens of thousands of photographs and, of course, the arrests of several hundred of those "tourists" and the imprisonment of many of them. To believe that it was a peaceful demonstration, one has to have swallowed the Big Lie of Donald the Nutter, along with the fake "documentaries" produced by that smarmy little fuck on Fox News.

We all truly know what happened. So did Sean Hannity, who on the evening of the Insurrection, called for everyone who participated to be prosecuted, until he backwatered because he supports El Tubbo de Mar-a-Lago, who has continued to this day to spew his lies and falsehoods.

As a result of his lies and the legions of his followers who believe them, this country's political system is in as much danger as it has been since the Civil War. The Germans didn't threaten our democracy in two World Wars. The Soviets never succeeded in attacking our democracy during the Cold War. Our electoral system prevailed, with elections becoming more and more open to eligible voters. For decades, it has been a bipartisan effort to make it as easy as possible for people to vote.

But no longer. Republicans have concluded that free elections are bad for them. They have concluded that a high voter turnout equates to them mostly losing. They have watched as Viktor Orban of Hungary has turned his country into a democracy in name only, a country where only votes for his party are counted, where opposing voices are silenced. All of the so-called "election suecurity" bills that Republicans have advanced in numerous states are aimed to do just that: Disenfranchise those who would vote for a different party.

1/6/21 revealed that our nation, our political system, is under attack as never before. It is under attack from the Right.

To say otherwise is to deny reality. If Republicans cannot gain control of the entire country, then their secondary goal is to have another civil war. Maybe a majority of Republicans don't support having another civil war, but enough say they do to be worrisome. Enough showed up in combat gear on 1/6/21. Enough brought weapons and staged them in Virginia. Enough battered the Capitol Hill Police and enough broke down doors and windows to get in. Enough erected a gallows so that they could hang Mike Pence and others.

In short, we are so screwed.[1] We are not going to be safe until the Republicans snap out of their state of delusion. Which I don't see happening anytime soon.

[1] It might not be a good idea to be invested in the stock market after the next presidential election.


B said...

Do you get a memo each morning as to what DNC talking points to publish here?
I mean, your words are nearly exactly those of the Media, so one has to wonder. There is a pattern to how closely your points published here closely match the Meme-Of-The-Day in the news media and the talking points the DNC give them. I used to think it was coincidence, but after so may I cannot believe that anymore.

Funny how those points not only match up with the Media, but do so At The Exact Same Time.
So where do I get a copy of the Talking Points for Democrats? How do I sign up?

Comrade Misfit said...

They are my thoughts, Asshole. Nobody else's. Maybe it's because I am on the non-lunatic side of the political spectrum. Unlike, say, you.

In short, go commit an unnatural act upon yourself and your horse.

Dark Avenger said...

Just making an observation from Richard Hofstadts’ The Paranoid Style in American Politics

The paranoid’s interpretation of history is distinctly personal: decisive events are not taken as part of the stream of history, but as the consequences of someone’s will. Very often the enemy is held to possess some especially effective source of power: he controls the press; he has unlimited funds; he has a new secret for influencing the mind (brainwashing); he has a special technique for seduction (the Catholic confessional).

Pigpen51 said...

I often read your posts, but seldom comment. But I had to after reading the comment from B.
The storming of the capitol last year, by many angered people, as well as a large number who were followers, who just went along for the ride, was a black day for our nation. And I at the time said so, and continue to say so.
The one thing that continues to give me pause, is the fact that apparently there are a number of people still in captivity who have yet to be taken to trial, or to have been given a possible bail and release. Some of them might be a flight risk, or even a risk to the public, but certainly not all of them. So to hold them without the benefit of what is a fair and speedy trial goes against the constitution, which is just as much an outrage as the actions as the entry into the capitol.
Some of the people who entered the capitol did so with the obvious desire to cause destruction and to disrupt the business of the counting of the electoral votes. But it is obvious from the video that many of them were there just to be a part of the thing, not to really be involved with the actual criminal activity, other than the actual entrance of the building. Should they be punished? Certainly, they knew that what they did was wrong. Should they spend jail time? When you compare what they did, to what people in California are doing, breaking into jewelry stores, and walking away with armfuls of expensive jewels, without anyone even trying to stop them, I submit that jail time is possibly too harsh for many of those who were in the building, and should be reserved for those who actually sought more harmful activity. A substantial fine, and a year of probation or community service might be better suited for those not active in any assault of the capitol, like those who just went in and then left, without doing any harm.
I would have had much more faith in the House committee investigating the whole issue, if it were not such an obvious political attack. But it won't be shedding any light on what happened, and that was obvious when Nancy Pelosi kicked a couple of Republicans off the committee before it even started. I know that the two were super partisan, but the rules also say that the Republicans have the ability to appoint anyone they want to. When Pelosi then appointed 2 Republicans who were at odds with most of their Republican colleagues, it was yet one more sign that any report that came out would be strictly Democratic, and would shed nothing more than a liberal and partisan point of view, with no new insights.

Comrade Misfit said...

I don't believe that Gym Jones, for example, had any interest in finding out the truth of what happened. His sole reason for wanting to be on the committee was to obstruct the work of it. It's be like putting an associate of John Gotti on a grand jury.

Maybe it's just me, but I draw a hard line between those who engage in routine criminal action, including looting, and those who tried to overthrow the election. I don't see those those were part of the Insurrection as being any different from enemy soldiers.

My apologies, but anyone who thinks that Liz Cheney is a Democrat isn't thinking too straight. Her father, who I have had harsh things to say about in the past, was the only other Republican to show up at today's commemoration. Because he, and his daughter, are the only ones left in the party who place the good of the nation over their party. They are the only Republicans who haven't given their balls to the Defeated Former President.

Jones, Jon Jones said...

B said...

"They are my thoughts, Asshole. Nobody else's."

But your proclamations are nearly always echoed shortly thereafter by the News Media.
At first I thought it a coincidence, but there have been too many to believe that any more.
You and the folks who decide what will be reported and what "News" stories will be aired must read the same things, at the same times....It is almost as if you are getting the same ideas at the same time..... Or someone is telling you what to think.

Once is happenstance, twice a coincidence, three times.....

Comrade Misfit said...

You have got a lot of damned gall to come into my blog and insult me, B. It must take valuable time away from your prostrating yourself before your statue of The Donald.

dinthebeast said...

Perhaps her writings are similar to what comes out in the media because that's what fucking happened, did you ever consider that? Objective reality still exists, despite the best efforts of the goddamn Republican party.

Pigpen, here is the Attorney General explaining his reasoning behind the lighter sentencing of the mere trespassers as opposed to those who assaulted, did damage, or helped plan and organize the fucking riot:

According to bloggers I read who live in DC, the claims that insurrectionists are being held for unreasonable times or in abnormal conditions are strictly bullshit.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Ombibulous said...

B: The words express similar thoughts, because they are the truth. That is what happened. It was not not an Antifa False Flag, or any of the other BS Trump has said. It was a violent attempted coup.

CM: I once got a yellow card for calling B an "ignorant git", but you can call him an Asshole? I mean, we were both correct.

Comrade Misfit said...

Unknown, it's sort of like the cops: They can club people down, but other people can't.

To be frank, there are people who have gotten on my nerves. One, whom regular readers may recall, is on permanent ban.

I gather that there are people who believe that the Capitol Hill cop who was being crushed against a door was being thanked for his service. The cop who was beaten with a pole was being congratulated for a work anniversary. To deny what happened requires one to twist the obvious facts to comport with the talking points being mandated by Cadet Bone Spurs and the Right-Wing Noise Machine.

I guess we should be thankful that B, among others, weren't around in 1941. Or they would be protesting against going to war because the Japanese had been holding air tours over Honolulu on December 7th.

Eck! said...

There are those that have a fixation on untruth and newspeak and
they present themselves with predictable regularity. One seems to
be a charter member of MiniTrue.

They will die as they subscribe to many things that are unhealthy.


CenterPuke88 said...

I’m uncertain what it took to twist the minds of some people to the point where they, despite being rational and functional persons otherwise, have been drawn into a bizarre world not much removed from 1930’s Germany. The most striking difference is that in place of a deeply punitive treaty there is their perception and fear of a loss of their (white/male) power. As Rome recruited the barbarians to fight in the place of its citizens, it moved from Republic to Empire, so may the U.S. ceed the democracy it was handed as it moves into its post-democratic phase. It may be the last spasms of a dying philosophy, but it could result in a pretty rocky ride if that’s not the case. Any non-white/non-male might wish to carefully consider obtaining alternate citizenship or residence permission…but U.S. financial regulations hamper exercising that ability greatly.

Comrade Misfit said...

The Canadians are already openly discussing what they will do if/when the United States implodes.

B said...

Nice pivot there. Never said those who did violence should not be punished. Never.

But you still haven't explained how the points you make here on your blog are exactly the same as the Media Meme-Of-The it happens time and time again.
How your words are exactly the same as the Medias, even when they are exaggerations or untrue.
It's almost as if you are getting your words from the same source.
Deny all yo wish, but to anyone bothering to look, it is there.
Perhaps you just read the same memo's or something.

Comrade Misfit said...

B, if you don’t like it that I am firmly in the reality-based community, then I believe that the one with the problem is you.

B said...

I never said I didn't like it.

But it IS an ODD coincidence that your memes of the day so closely match to those of the MSM.
And you haven't ever addressed that point, have you?
It happens way to often for it to be simple coincidence. So there must be something since you try and dance away from that point.
It's almost as if someone is telling you what to publish...or you are getting your ideas from the same place as the Media....
Feel free to dance away from that point. But anyone who is a regular here (and bothers to look) will see it.

Comrade Misfit said...

I don’t address your point because your point is invalid, as I have said before. But you keep repeating it, as though repetition equals validity.

We all know where you learned that tactic.

Comrade Misfit said...

My patience has run out on this topic.