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Monday, January 31, 2022

Helluva Risk for the Dumb

If you're unvaxxed, your chances of dying from Covid are just under one in ten-thousand. If you are vaccinated and boosted, your chances of dying from Covid are one in a million.

Being unvaccinated is killing people, like this one dumb bastard.

And these two idiots, if convicted, should be tossed into the deepest pit available.


jadair04 said...

Well. Based on your comments. What do you care? Just saying...

jadair04 said...

Sorry. Your post. I don't know your motivations. Have a great day, On Purpose!

Comrade Misfit said...

I want this to be over. It's not going to be over until we have enough people who are vaccinated so that the virus has far less ability to circulate and mutate.

I want the hospitals to have a normal flow of patients into their ICUs. I want to have the knowledge that if someone I know (or I) have an accident, a stroke or a heart attack, we'll be able to go right into the OR or ICU without running the risk of being transferred or dying because the hospital is clogged with unvaccinated Covid patients.

I don't worry about contracting measles, polio, smallpox or other diseased because I am vaccinated and everyone around me is vaccinated. I want the same for Covid.

Tod Germanica said...

Thanks comrade, nice summation of what people of good faith want.
What the Republican Party wants, the party of Putin/trump, is to make political points off the disease to advance their fascist plans. Putin/trump are narcissistic psychopaths and not bothered one whit by the painful, pathetic and useless deaths of their own followers. We want the death and disease to end. While our enemies- Putin, trump and the zombie headless Republican party will continue running off the cliff to their deaths, taking lots of us non-cultists with them. Putin smiles while dolt 45 cheats at golf. Vote, people. Vote these treasonous assholes off our island.

DTWND said...

Tod, we know what our motivations are. Inferring from their arguments, those that are refusing the vaccine use one of the following arguments:
1. The vaccine doesn't work (despite the proof otherwise).
2. The vaccine was rushed into production (by TFG's administration)
3. It's not a vaccine (although it induces the body to react the same way).
4. It's my 'right' to refuse (although they've also had the polio, measles, etc. vaccines)
5. God will protect me.
6. My immune system/I'm healthy enough to withstand the virus.
7. 'They' can't tell me what to do (infantile behavior).

Funny, at the start of the pandemic those in the field said we need to get herd immunity which I think was stated at ~85%. The last demographic I saw last week was Democrats around 70% and Republicans around 40% vaccinated. Still not enough on both sides to reach the herd number.

But daily, we see those that shouted out the loudest (online, television, social media) that they refused 'the jab' (saw that quote on one of the rightwing sites) are dying off.
Darwinian theory in practice.

One would think that everyone would want to get back to 'normal' asap. Unfortunately that seems not to be the case.


Jack the Cold Warrior said...

Comrade and Todd, great comments!

gray fox said...

Or, to put your point another way:

Comrade Misfit said...

I’m jumping the line with this one for Thursday’s meme post!