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Saturday, January 22, 2022

The Media Needs a 12-Step Program to Address Its Addiction to the Petitio Story

The FBI on Friday released new details in the investigation of Gabby Petito's death, saying that that [sic] Brian Laundrie wrote in a notebook that he killed her.

The FBI's Denver office had sent out a timeline of the investigation, saying that before discovering Laundrie's remains in a Florida wetland in October, agents had discovered a backpack, a gun and a notebook that all belonged to him

C'mon, you dumb ass-clowns, let this one go! The perp beat and choked his girlfriend to death nearly five months ago and offed himself a month or so later. Why do you keep dredging this story up? Indian women disappear and are murdered without a single peep out of ABC news and the rest of the press, who only get interested when the victim is a pretty, young, white, blonde chick.


Snowdog said...

But but but...the victim was a pretty white blond chick! That drives ratings up and stokes fear, causing them to turn in more! don't you care about the poor news corp's profits?

(hopefully unnecessary Sarcasm disclaimer)

Borepatch said...

You've been saying - rightly - for a long time that this is a huge problem on the reservation and doesn't get any coverage. One problem is that the Reservation governments don't want coverage of this sort of thing, and so news orgs often don't get much access.

There are a lot of social pathologies on the Reservations, and I say that as an indian (admitted to the tribal roles).

Jesse said...

Keeps folks distracted, fills airtime.

Nebris said...

MSM took a serious rating beating after the Orange Pusbag got kicked. And most of their viewers are older While folks.

Eck! said...

Just about any crime drama that starts with a dead woman, sure
bet the person is white, blond, and appealing, or someone
formerly powerful and white.

Why, anything less is considered boring to the masses by the
producers. TV and radio before it in all its forms found
out over 70 years ago advertising drives the presentation
and flavors the program. Its what keep the lights on.

It is why many shows like the Expanse appealed to me, characters
not pretty faces.

Like it or not the royal "we" are why.


Ten Bears said...

Thank you, Comrade ...

Frank Wilhoit said...

As always, not a supply-side phenomenon, but a demand-side one.