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Sunday, January 30, 2022

Meanwhile, in Miami

The news story.

Pro tip: Don't have an inward-facing dashcam if you're going to do stupid shit while driving.


Ombibulous said...

It looks like the other car might have been shooting at him? Hard to say for sure.

Comrade Misfit said...

I believe that the investigation found that the other driver threw a bottle of water. (Former Blackwater merc, maybe?)

Ten Bears said...

No. Wait. The guy just shot out the windshield ... !?

No. Seriously? The guy just shot out the windshield ... !?

Shot out the windshield and the side window of a minivan he's driving around in with a loaded 1911. And people wonder why I tend to view the mass of "humanity" as maggots: a few will morph and escape, the remaining will consume the host, and then each other, and die.

Rolling. On the Floor. Laughing. My rosy, red ass off ...

Comrade Misfit said...

Definitely not a 1911. Looks like some flavor of Sig,

Ombibulous said...

Never bring a water bottle (or truck bomb) to a gun fight. Of course, the other driver probably didn't realize that it was going to turn into a gun fight.

But it's Floriduh. He should have known there was about a 95% chance that this guy was packing while stupid.

Ten Bears said...

Metaphor ~ I'm a revolver guy, they all look alike to me ...

Dark Avenger said...

I thought fun bang toys are the solutions to many problems. What went wrong here, gals and guys?

Tod Germanica said...

Yea DA. It's a good guy with a gun. That solves 100% of conflict resolution. What went wrong?

w3ski said...

Shot out his own windshield. I am amazed. Of course, videotaping himself while doing it comes in at a close #2.
I wish we had thought bubbles for what might have been going on in his mind right then.
He seemed to scare himself after the first shot or two. Shooting because of his shooting? Who knows.
As much as I hate gun laws, this case leaves me believing in the need for some kind of competency test before purchase. Is there a test for common sense?
Glad they got this one off the roads for now.

Comrade Misfit said...

It’s all over the news, now. I can’t think of a reason to have an inward-facing camera, unless he drives for Uber or Lyft. And if so, that gig’s done.

Eck! said...

What a hoot is the slinking down scared while
shooting wildly. IF there was aiming I could
not see it even in slow mo. The boy is a
hazard to himself, I bet his ears are still

I can see wearing a gun but a gun safe in a truck?

His day is going to be made.


Eck! said...

Don't forget driving while distracted!


dan gerene said...

The fact that most people are now carrying cameras most of the time cab be considered a blessing in some ways since it helps catch some bad guys. Luckily a lot of these people are stupid enough to record themselves being stupid. But the number of people who record themselves doing something stupid for YouTube, TikTok or similar might just offset the good it does.

Paul said...

Several comments to make:

1) this is a pure example of how anger is the worst possible combination to owning a gun. The second this guy got pissed off, he reached for his gun.
2) He never thought to get off the interstate and head to the nearest police station if he thought his life was at risk.
3) He kept driving, on I-95 which from personal experience I can tell you is packed with cars all day long. He wasn't only a danger to others when he started shooting, he was a danger with that vehicle because he became distracted and not even watching the road ahead of him.
4) As much as a gun can be a weapon, so too can a car/van/truck in the wrong hands. We at least regulate the cars to get reckless and angry drivers off the road, and I hope this idiot loses his driver's license. In Florida, due to SYG laws, he probably won't lose his gun (although as an angry idiot he SHOULD).
5) Idiot did more damage to his own vehicle than anything else.