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Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Veterans' Administration Fuckery; Agent Orange Deja Vu

It's hard to read this article about how the VA and the DoD have been fighting to prevent recognition of lung problems from burning trash and hazardous materials in Iraq and Afghanistan and not be reminded of the decades that the VA fought to deny benefits for those who were affected by Agent Orange.

Denying the results of studies -- check. Preventins researchers from investigating the issue -- check. Censoring research -- check. Not changing position until political pressure was brought to bear -- check.

Same shit, different war.


Ten Bears said...

Iraq, Afghanistan are not the first. The television series Tour of Duty had an episode that highlighted "cleaning latrines" in 'Nam. I doubt we were the first.

Oh, wait, sorry ... 'Nam never happened ...

JustMusing said...

During Operation Ranch Hand (1962-1971) the U.S. military sprayed approximately 20 million gallons of “rainbow herbicide” defoliants: agents orange, green, blue, pink, purple and white (nicknamed for the color on the barrels in which they were shipped) in Vietnam (primarily), eastern Laos and parts of Cambodia.

Dioxin cocktail.

Jack the Cold Warrior said...

Don't forget the VA stonewall of the Atomic Veterans. From Bikini Atoll onward there were tremendous mistakes in Radiation Safety. Like having trenches with soldiers too close to ground Zero and having initial fallout cover them. The craziest is having an infantry unit assault through ground zero less than an hour after the explosion.