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Saturday, January 8, 2022

An Amazing Achievement in Space Science

The James Webb Space Telescope is fully deployed as of early this afternoon (EST). All of the big pieces are now in place. Hundreds of single-point failure steps were successful.

That success was not easy. It took a shitload of engineering and testing to ensure that the telescope was able to be erected.

Now comes the work of getting the telescope into position, tuning, calibrating and all of that.

Congratulations to NASA, the ESA, the CSA, JPL and everyone else involved.


JustMusing said...

As a new product development electrical engineer, I'm blown away with time, steps, and effort that went into creating the JWST and getting it into space in one piece.

I have confidence it will complete its mission and there will be a tremendous payoff for science.

Jones, Jon Jones said...

Don't forget project management: