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Saturday, March 6, 2021

The Truth of the Matter, per Dr. Seuss

It was true then:
And it's still true.

The House GOP’s No. 3 leader recently urged Republicans to make clear they’re not the party of white supremacy. Two days later, one of their members spoke at a conference organized by a known white nationalist.

The whiplash between Rep. Liz Cheney’s (R-Wyo.) plea and Rep. Paul Gosar’s (R-Ariz.) public speech underscores just how tough it is for GOP leaders to rein in members who cater to the extreme wings of the party. As Republicans increasingly grapple with how — or even whether — to exorcise the most radical elements from their party, their leaders’ jobs won’t get any easier.

The House GOP has so far confronted no large-scale blowback from Gosar’s speech to the America First Political Action Conference, or from other incidents that link a few of its members to far-right imagery or rhetoric.
“I think the organization that [Gosar] spoke to is one that has expressed views that are clearly racist … This is not the kind of an organization or an event that other members of Congress should be participating in,” said Cheney, the House GOP Conference chair who voted to impeach former President Donald Trump.

Funny thing: Kevin the Gutless, the House Minority Leader, was instrumental in stripping Steve King of his committee assignments two years ago when King, for the pasta bazillionth time, went full-on, sheet-wearing racist. But now, speaking in front of an assemblage of people who are proud to bruit about their racism and bigotry is OK for Republicans.

But it's not just the blatant racism that was on display and which Gosar implicity approves of. The conference was organized by one of the people who set up Trump's rally/coup on January 6th and who thought the Insurrection was a great thing. And, guess what? Steve King was there, too. Birds of a feather, etc.

If Gosar's going to go down that road, as he apparently is, he'll need some new clothes. Here are a couple of modest suggestions for Gosar's new business suit:

Tailors are standing by, Paul. Steve King can give you recommendations.


Dark Avenger said...

Don’t see what the problem here is, he was obviously antifada, and as B has pointed out, they’re an organization dedicated to Anti-American stuff like riots and looting.


Iron City said...

The second picture has a great Mercedes Benz in it. Is anyone coming out with restomods of these, electric powered? It would make mass rallies cleaner and more environmentally sensitive.

Tod Germanica said...

Iron City
Most of the air pollution comes from the tiki torches.

Ten Bears said...

I think he'd look great in stripes.

DTWND said...

Funny that all the R's that criticize the Dr. Seuss books being retired because of racist images would also take umbrage at the posted picture. But there's that hypocrisy showing again.


Comrade Misfit said...

Ten Bears, I finally remembered where I got the Seuss cartoon. Credit given!

Ten Bears said...

I ... ahhh ... cool. Thanks. I found it somewhere else ;)

So many little things that are so telling: of all the stories McCarthy could have read to protest the banning of his books, Green Eggs and Ham is perhaps the most innocuous, the most innocent, the most far off base ... I still think when we send 'em to DC they get replaced with Stepford Clones and there's a glitch in the system. Like when Data hacked the Borg and told them to go to sleep. Maybe the lizard people's clone base really was under the twin towers and the central system was destroyed, they're running off some hacked backup.

Max Headroom

Ten Bears said...

Addendum: Before her feet really went out from underneath her, Donna and I visited the good doctor's museum, took tons of pictures and sent 'em to all the grandkids. Not more than to two years ago. Really quite a big deal: downtown, parking sucked even with a Smart car.