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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Miami is Beset With Morons

Pointing to over 1,000 arrests in one of the nation’s top party spots, Miami Beach officials warned Sunday that the unruly spring break crowd gathering by the thousands, fighting in the streets, destroying restaurant property and refusing to wear masks has become a serious threat to public safety.

During a last-minute meeting Sunday, city officials voted to extend a highly unusual 8 p.m. curfew for another week along famed South Beach, with the possibility of extending it well into April if needed, and stressed this isn’t the typical spring break crowd. They said it’s not college students, but adults looking to let loose in one of the few states fully open during the pandemic.

This is on Gov. DuhSantis and his implacable hostility to any public health measures. As a result of his indeologically-driven obstinancy, Miami has one of the highest Covid positivity rates in the country. The new variants are rampant in Florida. And, just like last year, all of those imbeciles are going to go to their home states and spread the disease.

We were approaching being able to get this fucking pandemic under control, but now, because of Homo stupidicus, we're likelyu going to have a fourth wave of the Trump virus.


Eck! said...

Humm, more males going nuts.

WE NEED A LAW against that. [end-sarc]

Seriously DieSantes never considered that it would become unruly.
In a pigs eye.

Spring break was a college thing and always a bit wild. Add adults
have yet to grow up to that and its a recipe for havoc.

[sarc-on] Must be antifa winding them up. [end-sarc]

Methinks its the remainder of uncaught or maybe unable
to be in DC participants during January needing to
do a makeup riot.


B said...

If they are that much of a threat, why aren't the states in which they reside quarantining them?

So far the "Superspreader" thing hasn't panned out for you.

Stewart Dean said...

Oh B....
Turn the telescope around, you've got the wrong end up to your eye. Or just open you eyes. Or go spend a week in a covid ICU and come to Jesus.
Franklin: Experience is a dear school, but fools will learn at no other.

The attention you get here is NOT approval. Nor are you provoking reconsidered thought with your fantasy world posts.

B said...

Stewart. I notice you didn't address the question.

Eck! said...


you neeed to wait for the super spreader to be masured.

See it takes about 3-4 days to get the bug, if you get sick
enough about 2 weeks or more to end up in the hospital.

So we are at the start of that event. Last super spreader was
Mar-A-largo, they still partly shut down?


Dark Avenger said...

B, quit playing at virology,

JustMusing said...

Hmmmm. Been to North Africa lately B?

"B virus infection is extremely rare, but it can lead to severe brain damage or death if you do not get treatment immediately. People typically get infected with B virus if they are bitten or scratched by an infected macaque monkey, or have contact with the monkey’s eyes, nose, or mouth. Only one case has been documented of an infected person spreading B virus to another person."

Looks like the infection rate just went up and someone is attempting to super spread disinformation here.

Why isn't DeSantis quarantining spring breakers, because he is a Trump wannabe and acolyte who plans to run for President. Gotta get out the message to the base that it's all about Freedumb. IMHO DeSantis is a liar, a stooge, a racist, he is covering up Covid case numbers and guilty of negligent homicide at the very least.

What ever happened to pro-life Republicans? They became Fascists. They attempted an insurrection. Now they are facing jail time. Sorta like quarantine without the amenities.

Get ready for the Covid spike and more dead or permanently damaged people. What a terrible waste of life, resources, time, and money.

B, Superspreading events are real and quantifiable. It's not working out for anyone that attends them.

Stewart Dean said...

B, you really must go to the next Sturgis motorcycle rally and really mix it up with all your invulnerable immortal friends. Be sure and send us postcards from the ICU.
We have a scientific study to affirm this was a worst-case scenario, an event that appears to be accountable for 250,000 cases of COVID-19 at a public cost of $12 billion.

Maybe there will be a banner strung over the main drag reading "Dummheit macht frei