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Friday, March 19, 2021

Georgia Pride

This is what it was like to grow up Asian in Georgia:

Growing up in the South as an Asian American is no easy feat. I was relentlessly teased by my White classmates that I had “slits” for eyes, that my food smelled “like fart,” that my face was so flat it looked like it had been “run over by a car.” When my immigrant parents were finally able to buy their first house after almost a decade of moving the family from apartment to apartment, their celebration of their white-picket-fenced American Dream came to a sudden halt. We were one of the first Asian families to settle in a predominantly White neighborhood, and our neighbors saw to it that we were not welcome.

The expansive oak tree that spread its branches over our front lawn was repeatedly toilet-papered by the neighborhood kids, often before a rainstorm. Then the sodden toilet paper — too high to reach, too messy even to bother — would fester on the branches in moldy wet clumps until they disintegrated on their own. The shoes we’d take off outside our door were once discovered with baked beans poured into each one, rendering them unwearable. The final straw was when we were “ding-dong-ditched.” My mother had opened the front door to see a brown paper bag sitting on the front doorstep. Inside it, a lump of feces.
Even after that incident, the hazing, the deliberate intimidation didn’t stop. A mother of one of the neighborhood kids drove her Ford Expedition down our street, stopped her car in front of our driveway and allowed four young girls cackling with excitement to jump out and scream, “Chinese fire drill! Chinese fire drill!” before taking off. I hid behind the window blinds, hoping they couldn’t see me. Our neighborhood had made it clear that it wasn’t okay to be me, so I tried my best to disappear.

Is there any doubt as to why the attitude of the Cherokee County Sheriff's Department of sympathy to a mass-murderer was so wounding to Asians? If you grow up being hated and despised, is it any surprise to you that the cops would be sympathetic to someone who killed people who looked like you?

Or the fact that the cops there seem to be so eager to take the killer's word for it that what he did wasn't a hate crime? "Sure, I'm a woman-hating murderous bastard, but at least I an't no racist?" That's the line that they're swallowing?

Frankly, I'm somewhat surprised that we're not hearing "hey, it's just a buncha dead whores, what's the problem" from the local constabulary and officals. Not all that long ago, they would have said as much, but with an ethnic slur in between the words "dead" and "whores". So I guess that's some degree of progress.


Jones, Jon Jones said...

When I was in Savannah, the Vietnamese community kept to themselves. A lot like the Montagnards do around here.

dinthebeast said...

I read an interview today of a man who was at the massage parlor getting a massage for his injured back when the murders went down.
According to him, someone beat on the door, his masseuse went to open it, and was shot in her head.
This, if true, sort of gives lie to the assumption that the victims were prostitutes.
Their ages don't seem quite right for prostitutes either:

Soon Chung Park, age 74

Hyun Jung Grant, age 51

Suncha Kim, age 69

Yong Yue, age 63

Delaina Ashley Yaun, age 33

Paul Andre Michels, age 54

Xiaojie Tan, age 49

Daoyou Feng, age 44

So who knows? It just seems that the holes in his story are large enough to drive a truck through, which I guess is to be expected in someone that deranged.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Unknown said...

The official story stinks, and the sheriff making excuses makes me think there is more to this than we are being told.

Ten Bears said...

But, but but butt, he's such a pretty white-boy! And a "christian", doing "god's work."

And, and and and, he has an addiction [read with a snarl]

Not entirely off-topic: it was a fat little white "christian" girl with a rich, well-connected Republican daddy who not only walked away from the car wreck that killed my grandson but walked away from any culpability, any responsibility for his death, though it is in the police report she was in fact texting while illegally passing a truck!

Such a pretty white-boy ...

Comrade Misfit said...

TB, don’t you know, White privilege is a myth! [/sarc]

Eck! said...

That poor boy that had a addiction and a bad day....
best solution, conviction for multiple intentional homicide.

Also fire the so called chief of police. He is worthless.

It all goes back to the war of northern aggression against the south.
Or was it the great unpleasantness, clash of northern morality, not
sure as they have so many and varied excuses for the continued
bitter ender thing.

Between the bible belt and states like Georgia as a country we
have lots to be embarrassed about. They use lots of made up
stuff as excuses for bad behaviour. It has a very long history
and predates the existence of the USA and even the colonies.

Justice is often determined by making a plausible story appear
solid or the other way around whatever serves to get a jury to
act in the desired direction. Money does buy the best law,

The whole of the idea of privilege is rooted in power and
who has or wields it, male, white, rich, and so on are just
names of a flavor. Much of it is assumed or freely given
until it is taken away or revealed for what it is. Then
some other takes that power, and corrupts it.


seafury said...

The chief of police just gave himself a few more years in the job. I'd imagine the talk at the morning coffee clutch is "what did he say that was so wrong?" them gooks got what was coming to em, teasing a nice young man like that". SMFH

B said...

So someone was teased as a kid, and whined about it in print, and now it is endemic in society?

Don't they teach logic in the Navy, if not in law school?

Comrade Misfit said...

Spoken like a true white guy who began whining when the started hiring those people.

Glenn Kelley said...

Where is the logic in calling harrassment teasing?

Ten Bears said...

They were just joking, Glenn, Cap'n, just "teasing", they didn't really mean it, they were just fooling around, just joking. Like when that guy got SWATTED. They didn't mean to get him killed, they were just joking around when they called the cops and said he was eating babies in the basement. They were just kidding around, just "teasing".

Comradery building, team spirit, all that ...

Comrade Misfit said...

According to the Trumpist Manual of White Supremacy, it's only "harassment" if it involves actual lynching or cross-burning. Everything else is teasing.

Dark Avenger said...

So, if I ruin a pair of B’s shoes with baked beans, that’s just “teasing”? Good to know.

B said...

SO yer telling me no whites ever got their house TP'd? Or got tease in school by other kids for being different?.
You gotta do better than that.

Dark Avenger said...

TPing doesn’t involve what was going on, B. You like to minimize anything that isn’t a lynching, done by the KKK in full regalia, televised live on CNN.

dan gerene said...

There is a difference between teasing and constant bullying just like there is a difference between a peaceful protest and an insurrection.

Eck! said...


The difference is it was not a seasonal kiddi TP and all it was
a sustained effort causing stress to all and causing property

If we did that here we might start, with your not welcome here
and your words are shit. Then graduate to more aggressive things.

Hey we're only teasing...


Comrade Misfit said...

It's "teasing" when white folks do it.