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Thursday, March 11, 2021

Hypocrisy is a Big Thing For This GQP Senator

He voted against the bill, but here, he seems to be trying to take credit for helpful provisions.

I gather that he thinks that his constituents in Mississippi are dumber than doorknobs.

This response on Twitter:


Dark Avenger said...

After all, it’s only pork unless ones’ constituents are directly afffected.

Ten Bears said...

Mississippi, doorknobs ... eyup

bearsense said...

He was “lifting a finger.” We know which one, eh?

Tod Germanica said...

It will certainly work to fool the MAGAts because they are dumb as a bag of doorknobs. Remember when they were all in on eliminating their own health insurance by killing Obamacare? Too fucking stupid to realize that Obamacare and their own Affordable Care Act insurance were THE SAME THING. So, yes, this will certainly convince his mouth breathing, cousin fucking, paste eating constituents. Good move.
Signed, 'Tod'
Ex Alabamian

Eck! said...

The identified finger was the third one, fingernail up.

The big lie, it works. Propaganda 101.

Knobs are tools. Why are they knobs? Because we like to turn them.


dinthebeast said...

Kinda like those Republicans who fought against Obama's stimulus and called it socialism only to show up at ribbon-cutting ceremonies for the projects it funded.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

B said...

17K per us citizen. That's what it costs us.

Dark Avenger said...

And how much per US citizen did Trump’s incompetence cost us? How much did Trump’s giveaway on taxes to his rich buddies cost us?

dinthebeast said...

The bill costs exactly the same as Fergus' tax cut for corporations and the wealthy.
Want to pay for it? Get rid of that tax cut.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

dinthebeast said...

The standard Republican criticism of the relief bill now is that it's "a liberal wishlist enacted by Nancy Pelosi."

And, really, it is. The missing context in that criticism is that what liberals want is to help people who need help, when they need help.

Right now there are a lot of people who need some help making it through the waning days of the goddamn apocalypse, and this bill goes a long way toward helping them come out the other end of this disaster somewhat whole.

The other main criticism is that it is too large.

This is, to a certain extent, a bad-faith argument, based on the ARRA and how it wasn't large enough to pull us out of the economic hole we were in back in 2009.

The demands from the Republicans at the time were amazingly effective... for the Republicans. The overall size of the bill was too small to counter the massive downturn we were experiencing, and the content of the bill, especially the preponderance of tax cuts which make for weak stimulus made the bill even less effective for its meager size, and the overall effect was to prolong the misery in the economy long enough for the Republicans to say "Look! Government spending doesn't help!" and use the dissatisfaction in the country to fuel their midterm wins, taking control of the House and thus making sure that no more stimulus could be passed that might (in their eyes) help a Democratic president stay in office. Meanwhile, the country limped along with massive unemployment for three more years while the goddamn Republicans insisted on deficit reduction and austerity measures.

Which is the immediate evidence for what even red state Republicans like Jim Justica are now admitting about the rescue bill: If it turns out to be too large and causes some inflation, the Fed can counter that by raising the interest rates, but if it turns out to be not enough, there's just less economic activity and more misery around that nothing can be done about because there will be no second bite at this apple as long as Mitch McConnell still draws breath.

And of course, with a Democratic president in office, that's precisely what the Republicans want to see, just like last time.

Only this time, the Democrats seem to have learned what they are up against and are not wasting valuable time begging for Republican support when no such support is forthcoming under any circumstances.

And if it turns out that we were right about the economics of it, the whole country might just come roaring back as soon as people feel safe about doing so, and perhaps the midterms won't be about misery this time, but instead the lack of it.

-Doug in Sugar Pine