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Monday, March 29, 2021

People Are Stupid

President Joe Biden and a top health official warned Monday that too many Americans are declaring virus victory too quickly, appealing for mask requirements and other restrictions to be maintained or restored to stave off a “fourth surge” of COVID-19. The head of the CDC said she had a feeling of “impending doom” if people keep easing off.

We are in the short game of this pandemic. This is not the time to back off from taking precautions. Getting sick from Covid now is like having been killed on the morning of November 11, 1918. Hundreds of thousands of peolple died because TFG's administration couldn't be bothered to take mitigation measures, choosing instead to make preventative measures into another bullshit right-wing culture war.

Don't listen to the extremists and seditionist traitors trying to destroy this country. Do the right thing: Wear a mask, wash your hands, practice physical distancing and get your goddamned shots.


DTWND said...

As I see it, Dr. Birx did little to provide expert opinion on combating the virus, contrasted with the statements from Dr Fauci. Her claims now that we could have prevented hundreds of thousands of deaths ring hollow, while trying to place blame onto others by not following the science. Seems as if she is rewriting history to show herself as a dissenting voice during the last administration. She had her chance to stand up for science when TFG suggested bleach or light to combat the virus. Instead she decided on self preservation and kept quiet.


dinthebeast said...

We are vaccinating at a rate of about 1% of the population daily. Now is not a time to fuck this off.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Ten Bears said...

Informed this morning that in spite of our best efforts to prevent it - everyone is little tired of listening to grampa harp on masking up - my son, grandson and grand-daughters have all been exposed and their mother is ... ill. If I had teeth I would chew nails; it's probably a good thing I've nothing better to do today than continue to self-isolate. I am, literally, vibrating with anger.

Nebris said...

"Current mood: there is going to be a third wave, and then a fourth, because people on average are stupid and don’t learn from just one experience: they need to step on a rake repeatedly before they learn to look in the grass before they walk there." ~Charlie Stross

Eck! said...

Stupidity is the active problem, plus the belief in fairy tales,
hoaxes, and Bs ruminations.

For those that believe the above, newsflash, its a virus and
if you are not somehow lucky or immunized its not if but when
you may get it. If you get it it may be one of the variants
or a new mutation that could be worse. In that case only
one comment, sucks to be you. You have a chance to avoid
it or minimize it and you didn't.

That said we will likely see another 100,000 die, maybe
another 200,000 sickened and maybe 10% or more with
long haulers syndrome (persistent issues from the bug),
mostly on stupidity they are bullet proof. I can't
be sympathetic, I will avoid those that are stupid.


w3ski said...

April 9th is 15 days after our second dose, and we here are still going to mask up indefinitely.
Will we ever be able to unmask again?
Also, Who thought that early grade school cootie games would become a valuable life skill in our golden years?

Jim in Monroe said...

Not wearing a mask. They don't work.
Not isolating. Doesn't work.
Not getting the 'vaccine'. Reasons are too long to list.
It's not a pandemic. You're kidding yourself if you think it is. 99.99xx% recovery.
Crawl in your corner until it's safe. Keep trying to hide from a virus. lol
I'll keep on living.

w3ski said...

I promise not to feed the troll.

Eck! said...

We have an idiot and potential next victim.

Masks work since using one I have not had the usual
three times a year common cold. That's enough to
make me consider it. Seems those that claim they
don't work its only because you don't want to wear
one. Tough on you!

We Isolate because of you and people like you.
Isolating does work, think it out. If you can't come
in contact (near or otherwise) you can't easily get
it, or spread it when you do get it. Or in your
fantasy moments they stick a hose under your
window and pump it in?

Not getting Vaccine, thanks you need to have a marker
on you so we can avoid you. Your new name is carrier.
In the past identified carriers are secluded and treated
until safe.

99% safe is a dream... you will get the flu or common cold
maybe Chicken pox and its follow on, shingles. Might even
be the south african version that you help to incubate
into the new north american version.

Maybe you will get sick and cause your friends and family
get sick, maybe die. Or a friend will get it and give
it to you. Or maybe not due to herd immunity.

Thanks for playing... Elsewhere.


Ten Bears said...

LOL ~ the South African variant. Subtle, Eck!, suubbb...tle ...

Probably flew by like that Spitfire the other morning.

Jimmy T said...

Got my second pfizer dose a week ago. Will still be wearing a mask and keeping away from others. Not sure when Covid-19 will go away, but with the "Stop the Steal" movement transforming itself into "Stop the Vaccinations," I'm fairly certain it will be here for some time to come. I'm perfecting willing to allow natural selection to run its course, with the exception that a number of folks who believe in the science will sicken and die. Once in the endzone, I won't be spiking the ball or dancing a jig,but I will celebrate the general, if nominal, increase in the national IQ...

Eck! said...

Glad to make you smile TB.
That's what you do with trolls they will be doing
the what she say like mumbles.

I believe too that like the flu, it will keep killing
untill there is immunity to the current version, then mutate...
ITs here and now and likely with us for a long time.


Comrade Misfit said...

w3ski, one of the sad things about modern computers is that even those who are too stupid to feed themselves unassisted are able to use computers. Back in the day in the old online services, the days after Xmas were referred to as the Annual Shaking of the Idjit Tree.

Now it's being shaken continuously.