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Sunday, March 28, 2021

Just Going to Leave These Here


Stewart Dean said...

Knew a guy at IBM; grew up on the Maine Coast, son of a lahbstahman. He got his driving license in the early summer, drove happily all summer and fall. One day his father took him aside, opened the driver's side door and pointed at the pedals, said, "Son, you see that pedal in the middle?" "Sure Dad, it's the brake, what's wrong with you?" "Well it is late spring through early fall, but the rest of the year, it turns off the steering....step on it then and you will go in straight line no matter what you do with the steering wheel"

When he was six months into his job at IBM, a bachelor and flush with more cash than he'd ever had in his life, he went to the Plymouth Chrysler dealer and told the salesman he wanted a stage 3 hemi. Salesman looked at him like he had two heads, but he'd done his homework and told salesman just exactly how to order it with all the option codes. When it came, just like he'd wanted, it wouldn't even start. Chrysler figured (correctly) that only hot rodders ordered them and were going to set up the tune their way, so they didn't even do the basic timing.
Turned out he had to find a automotive electrical shop with a distributor timer (remember them?)...and then he had one hairy-chested snorting beast.

Pretty soon internal combustion will be gone like the buggy whip. I guess we can have a day for videos of them, just like steam. Here's a favorite of mine (I grew up with Bugattis)

So here we are:

Ten Bears said...

Me, San Francisco, 1963 ...