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Friday, March 12, 2021

Four Out of Five Former Presidents Want You To Get the COVID Vaccine

The fifth one, TFG, apparently hopes that you'll only die soon.


0_0 said...

The only president who initiated 'Operation Warp Speed' to get a safe, reliable vaccine out as soon as practicable is the one you take a shot at?

dinthebeast said...

You mean the one who disbanded the pandemic response team he was left with by the previous administration and denied the seriousness of the pandemic until a "warp speed" program was necessary? And still screwed the pooch until half a million of us were dead? That guy?

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Ten Bears said...

The president who initiated 'Operation Warp Speed' so he and his butt-buddies in Big Pharma could make tons of money getting any vaccine out to the white people: fish-tank cleanser, clorox, blacklights. To the pinko commie red states, the gated golf-course communities and elitist coastal enclaves; to whomever was paying top dollar. Selling it like asswipe. Not at all surprising though, given your precious meth-head pretendident's ancestry: grandfather an army deserter, pimp and drug-runner, father a pimp, drug-runner and klu klux klansman, one of Hitler's financiers. No surprise he grew up to be a daughter-fucker.

A clear and present danger to not only my grandchildrens' futures. One that need be eliminated.

0_0 said...

Trump did form a task force very quickly. Who complained when the prior pandemic group was reassigned?
Others, including Pelosi, De Blasio and Anthony Fauci, denied the seriousness.
Screwed the pooch? Trump said some goofy shit, but has actions were all reasonable. What did you want him to do, and what were other world leaders doing at the time?

Ten Bears, what the hell are you on about?

dan gerene said...

Uh-Oh, a good propagandist waits until at least a full year before trying to change history. The first vaccines available in the U.S. were developed by a German company BioNtech in cooperation with Pfizer. TFG had nothing to do with it. The Donald was in denial for months even though he had available to him the earliest information. Some other countries were weeks ahead because they knew enough that it could be a threat not just "magically disappear".

Comrade Misfit said...

Pfizer did not take a dime of development money from TFG's Administration. They were going to make their vaccine with or without TFG, because they saw a huge market for it.

TFG screwed up distribution of PPE by making the acquisition of it a market free-for-all, pitting everyone in competition for it. States and hospitals paid far, far more for PPE than they would have if TFG had early on used the DPA to acquire PPE.

Damn near every move by TFG and his cronies, including the Prince of Merde, was marked by incompetence and meddling.

600,000 dead. largely thanks to the corruption and incompetence of TFG. (Hey, instead of a vaccine, why not follow TFG's ideas and inject bleach while shoving a UV light up your ass?)

Tod Germanica said...

No need to do anything at all since the fake pandemic will disappear magically after TFG's election sweep on 3 November 2020.

Eck! said...

Truth the Anti-Propaganda.

First the lies and propaganda that it was no big thing, just a flu
despite knowing it was not. Though it was good for those that used
that information to exit or otherwise re-orient themselves in the

Second he bobbled and then totally crashed the PPE. He turned it
into a grab what was left at inflated prices by being the first
to grab it all. With china PO'd over the tarifs getting material
from them was likely to be slower and more costly.

I'd add that the manufacture of ventilators followed the same path.
Same for fish tank cleaner and Dexamethosone, and several others.

Gutting the CDC and making them a scapegoat. Going full
antiscience to clorox and blacklights. He was suppressing the
qualified speakers so all that was heard were the unqualified
ones (Dr Atlas and other teat hangers).

Operation warp speed, save for it was not motivated by TFG. The
development of a vaccine was seen by pharma as critical need to
fight a dreadful virus. Also good business in every sense.
Much of the work was done before for MERS-SARS under Obama. That
work had to happen for the current development. Science is often
sequential. The mRNA was not a sudden development it was 10 years
old from the SARS scare.

However the politicization and lies made confidence in vaccine
poor. That makes roll out sketchy early on and fed the antivaxers.

The prior infection disease plan that was scrapped was also part
of the science group also called waste and pointless by TFG. That
was supposed to be a leg up for the next big bug and was spured
by Ebola and MERS. in stead he put US the people of the USA
behind the curve.

The so called task force was a show for the purpose of further
propaganda and your reading of the players statement were his
forced words along with the anti-science being spoken by others
like Atlas and other clowns. The people you picked never said
what you claim they said. Those are your words and consistent
with the propaganda from the TFG and fiends. Keep picking and

Getting the vaccine out..barely started and the pay for play to
support the TFGs grifting was in full effect.

Under ordering and requesting early one for adequate supply of
Vaccine and then lying that he did it..

Added to that the efforts to slow or halt the transfer of power.
with that all the machines of power and government were slowed
or otherwise delayed adding to the death toll.

I'd add the GQP party is still pursuing the destroy everything
not by them plan. By delaying the various plans they add to deaths
and economic delay.

Note the losers never write history, their thing is complaining
about it.


dinthebeast said...

There was also the deliberate gutting of the science wing of the USDA, which pushed hundreds of scientists out of the government because Fergus didn't like the results they were getting that conflicted with his all-coal-all-of-the-time idiocy.
Many of those scientists worked in the fields of infectious disease and would have been helpful in the early days of the pandemic when many policy mistakes were made.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

re the paragon said...

Trump obviously wanted to get paid for using his likeness. There is no depth to which his pettiness won't sink.

Ten Bears said...

Speakin' of likeness, and rump's need for attention, or attribution, I've said it many times if it wants credit for the trump-flu vaccine by all means name it the trump-flu vaccine; if it'll shut its meth-head mouth make it a pill and print his damned likeness on it, like Jesus on ecstasy tabs, Mr Natural on LSD.

The plan was there was no plan; in its own words "it's on the states". At best the federal government would ensure delivery of the vaccine to the states ~ those that bid the highest, and that plan doesn't seem to have been much more than how do we make money off of it. Big Pharma, the Invisible Hand of the Market, could smell which way the wind was blowing, they didn't need trump and the insurrectionists, they were making something that would sell: somewhere, it didn't necessarily have to be here. They were going to develop a vaccine one way or another, drumpf uck was just riding their coat-tails.

As a practical matter, I see a lot of eggs; I don't see many chickens.

Yes, "it".