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Thursday, March 18, 2021

Nope, Still No Fraud

U.S. Postal Service investigators did not find evidence of any backdated presidential election ballots in the post office in Erie, Pennsylvania, according to a report summarizing the investigation into claims by a postal worker that spurred calls from Republicans for a federal probe.

Turns out that the postal worker was lying when he said that he heard the postmaster and the supervisor talking about backdating ballots. He saw them talking and assumed that's what they were talking about.

The claims by TFG's Campaign and his butt-kicking acolytes in the GQP have been shown to be lies or, worse, Russian propaganda that has been eagerly swallowed hole by the Party of Q.


Ten Bears said...

On the other hand, the FBI (and a concurring judge / grand jury) seems to think there's enough evidence of fraud to raid (and arrest) a Florida state senator's home yesterday, treat it like a crime scene ...

Comrade Misfit said...

Yep, another Republican fraudster.

DTWND said...

Kinda of funny in a sad sense. Here we have an arrest warrant filed, presumably with the incriminating evidence, that a Republican deliberately engaged in election malfeasance. Cheating, one could claim rightly. But all the Republicans want to yell about is the thousands of ballots ‘dumped in a river’, or mail in ballots that went toward Biden, or claim election fraud with no supporting evidence. Well, other than Ms. They Dint Give Us Sammitches.