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Thursday, March 18, 2021

"The Murderer Was Having a Bad Day."

A Georgia official faced swift backlash for pinning a shooting rampage that left eight dead at three Atlanta-area spas on a "very bad day" for the alleged gunman.
In a press conference Wednesday morning, Capt. Jay Baker, a spokesperson for the Cherokee Sheriff's Office, said [the Asswipe of Atlanta] was taken into custody "without incident" and described having "a bad day" as part of the suspect's mindset.

Baker said the [Asswipe] "understood the gravity of [his crime]. And he was pretty much fed up, had been kind of at the end of his rope, and yesterday was a really bad day for him, and this is what he did."

What about, you know, the eight people that Asswipe shot dead, Capt. Baker? You think that maybe their day wasn't exactly stellar? "How was your day, dear?" "I got shot dead."

So this Asswipe is claiming that he had a sex addition and that his remedy was to try and kill every (presumed) sex worker that he could find? And almost all of the people that he murdered happened to be Asian, all but one passer-by was femaie and there's not a racial or sexual component to this, says the cops?

It's pretty common knowledge that, as far as many cops are concerned, sex workers are disposable people. That attitude was on full display in Cherokee County.* Even though there was no evidence that the workers at those massage parlors were sex workers. That didn't seem to matter to that murdering Asswipe, or, for that matter, to the cops.

I'll bet that they won't execute this Asswipe, even though murder is a capital crime in Georgia. That's another little bit of racism that'sbaked into the process: White dudes who kill people of color arely get fried for their crimes.
* And isn't it nice that they named the county to remember the people whom they force-marched 1,500 miles to the west?


Ten Bears said...

Forgive me for having spent too many years in and around the business of recovering from drug and alcohol addictions, and I'm having a real hard time with this picture I have of some desperate addict upon having been refused a "I'll pay you on Tuesday" nickel-bag guns the dealer down. Yeah, it's possible, perhaps even plausible, but uhhh ... I ain't buyin' it.

While I have no first hand knowledge, I suspect a "sex-habit" would be pretty expensive.

Comrade Misfit said...

Can’t these idiots find a locked room and just “beat their meat” for awhile?

I thought it amusing that Asswipe was asking the cops if he’d be in prison for the rest of his life.

re the paragon said...

And ironically, the temptations of the flesh will still be present if he is in prison.

I generally oppose the death penalty, but this Asswipe earned it.

dinthebeast said...

One thing I noticed was how it got covered by the news media. The Korean media ran interviews with witnesses and the American media ran denials from the perpetrator.

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Marc said...

dan gerene said...

He also is reported to be associated with an "old time religion" which can leave a person with a strong sense of guilt about their own natural urges. With the vilification of the Chinese by T++++p a Magat finds a target for their own self hate. Since they can't or won't realize they are their own problem they target others.I doubt if these kind of people could even find China on a map. The "other people " are always to blame.

bearsense said...

Pointing the gun in the “wrrong” direction would have done more as therapy. Hell, buy a knife and cut off the offending member.

Eck! said...

One has to remember most popo have a thing [very negative one] for
businesses assumed to be vice and the people involved are "disposable".

Add to it the local acceptance of disposable meaning, color, race,
origin, LGBTQ, just damned inconvenient, and not like us.

Yes, they have to do their job for everyone and saying the bad guy
had a bad day is the extreme of idiocy. its also the height of
laziness on their part.


MarkS said...

Hardly dispositive, but the goat beard and nazi haircut are possible tells.