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Sunday, March 28, 2021

The Power of Flesh

Weapons are tools. Complex weapons are machines. They are inert chunks of metal, wood and plastic until some fool picks them up.


Old NFO said...

That they are... Excellent point.

Daffyd ap Morgen said...

"Inert chunks of metal" Stones are not designed to kill. Sticks are not designed to kill. Cars are not designed to kill. Guns are designed to kill. AR-15's and their clones are designed to kill large groups of people using high-velocity bullets with a high rate of fire--that's why gun owners buy them.

B said...

An excellent point.

Why do you support the folks that say otherwise? It is YOUR party that says that the Guns are the Problem.....

Much like yours, I expect, my guns don't choose to kill anyone. They can't.

But you support the Party who would take them away because they are misused.

Comrade Misfit said...

Daffy, I've owned firearms for many decades. I've even owned some AR-15s. I've not shot anyone.

There are well over fifteen million such guns in circulation. If they were the huge public health threat that you seem to think they are, the carnage would make Covid look like a popcorn fart.

B, I'm not happy with the Democrats' position on guns. but I am not a single issue voter. I can't abide the Republicans' modern version of Jim Crow voting laws, their denialism on climate change and their approval, be it tacit or overt, for Trump's attempted coup on January 6th.

Ten Bears said...

Go ahead *, point your pop-guns at the US Army ...

All anyone ever needs is a good huntin' rifle and revolver.

Dark Avenger said...

Similarly, velocity, in the magnitude of motion, the quantitative relationship of space and time, represents mass, and conversely, the same real effect emerges if the mass is increased and the velocity proportionately decreased. By itself a brick does not kill a person, but produces this effect only though the velocity it achieves, in other words, the person is killed through space and time.
It is force, a category of reflection fixed by the understanding, which presents itself here as the ultimate, and therefore prevents understanding and lets it seem superfluous to inquire further after the concept. But this at least appears without thought, namely, that the effect of force is something real and appealing to the senses, and in force there is realised that which is in its expression; indeed, it appears that force achieves precisely this force of its expression through the relationship of its ideal moments, of space and time.

G.F.W Hegel

The tree of liberty must’ve fed the blood of innocents from time to time, because why?

Eck! said...

Where to start with this cluster...

A story of a rock, a stick, a gun. They all have potential.
The rock can be used to build or kill, as a club or thrown
an will do great harm. It can do so at a distance.
The stick can trip you, It can be used as a club or sharpened
and becomes a spear and can also be thrown for standoff attack.
The gun if left alone, like the rock and stick will do
absolutely nothing, it will even decay to rust and rot.
When picked up by one of those men its potentially
dangerous, it can kill, and defend. Also like the rock
it can hit someone as a club or a rifle even empty can
use used as club or poke.

What they all have in common when a man (species not gender)
gets a hold of it it goes from a potential something to weapon.
Of the three one is classed as weapon but that is use dependent.
Shooting targets is not weapon use, firearm its paper punching.
So sophistry aside a car is transportation, housing, and weapon.
Its fact there is there is a crime called vehicular homicide.

Further, your lack of knowledge is astounding with regard to
firearms. AR15 (AR stands for Armalite the developer) is not
a military weapon. The M16 is they look similar and its about
all. Another favorite gun is the M1 Garand a genuine military
arm like my father may have carried in Italy during WWII. The
M1 is more powerful than 5.56, also high velocity yet most
states even Ma allow it over the AR15. Both can shoot at the
same rate as fast as you can operate the trigger, the only
difference is some gungrabber called the one a assault rifle.
The army has such a thing and its other name is machine gun,
(or SAW squad automatic weapon) it can fire sustained until
the supply of ammo has exhausted. The closest allowed (if
you pay the tax stamp for it) is the Thompson machine gun,
people own them too. It was also used in WWII. However
the AR15 was never used by any army.

B, your just struggling to find a cause, or be one. As applied
to either party one often has to rely on law to prevent stupid
from taking over. So go back to your myths and faux stories.

DA, that was a literary tour de force.


CenterPuke88 said...

The pro-gun side will win this match, but unless they actually work to stop these events from occurring, the steady increase of support to gun regulation and then limitation/confiscation will continue. The demographics don’t work in favor of 2A rights, as the country skews more suburban/urban and more diverse the demographic hurdles increase.

How do we stop these event is the million dollar question. Proper enforcement of existing laws is always a good start, a solid background check system that doesn’t cause unnecessary delays, and a willingness to embrace a properly constructed framework for identifying high risk individuals and securing their weapons in a manner that respects rights would all be good starting points...and might defer the reckoning coming.

Tod Germanica said...

Australia. Canada. The entire rest of the world.
Restock the Supremes with non-RWNJs using court expansion (also good for democracy generally), 2nd amendment is nullified, since there ain't no militia for 75 years, well regulated or not.
But US gun love trumps prevention of mass murder every three days. Because freedom and liberty. Yee haw!