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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Dear Trump Supporters: Trump's Lawyers Were Lying to You; One Has Admitted as Much

In other words: "We were lying, all along, and you have to have been a special kind of stupid in order to believe what we were saying."

If you believed the lies of Trump's lawyers, and Trump himself, that the election was stolen, then congratulations: They were able to wash your brain without a lot of effort, thanks both to Fox News, their ilk, and your willingness to swallow their bilge in large amounts.

Here's your sign.


w3ski said...

Strange fixations you have there, Glenny. Maybe not the best idea though to bring up your problems in public like this.
Didn't Powell make these accusations before the court? Or was it all just in public events? I would think the court might have a bone to pick with her over the outright lies she presented.
And just how is her "knowing" she was lying going to help her with the lawsuits? She still said that stuff after all. I would hope not at all.

Comrade Misfit said...

Don't worry, w3ski. All it took was another wing of the ol' Ban-Hammer.

If she made those assertions in her earlier pleadings, she may be cooked.

Eck! said...

Oh, gee, they were lying? Wow!

Then again since the courts reject all but one as insufficient
facts, lacking proof, or even sufficient to move for discovery
anyone that believes all that in serious need of a checkup
from the neck up.

The fact that it was alleged in public shes cooked, if in
court or court filed papers good riddance to her.


Tod Germanica said...

GF was let out of that cold Canadian basement as a bovine hoha expert- he should know. G'bye again GF.

She was just kidding is all. Like trump, she has a great sense of humor. For a woman, as he would say. It was all reality show lawsuits and lies just for entertainment purposes. Like TFG's entire regime. You took me seriously? Joke's on you. Worked for Fox.

ruralcounsel said...

Or in other words (since it's a defamation/libel/slander lawsuit): "It was a statement of opinion, not fact."

Which matters because opinions are not subject to libel. It's like advertising. Puffery. Calling someone a bast*rd doesn't literally mean that they are a bast*rd.

Please don't make the error of trying to play lawyer on the internet.

Dark Avenger said...

From what I understand, assertions of fact, not opinions, are what she’s run aground one. Please don’t make us stupid.