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Thursday, March 4, 2021

Republicans Are Fighting for the Votes of Neanderthals

Beyond that, when Trump said blatantly racist and sexist things, guess who was silent? When Trump (and Limbaugh) made fun of people with disabilities, guess who was silent?

No points for guessing Little Marco.

But say something bad about a species of hominid that went extinct 40.000 years ago and the party of Q gets their panties wadded up.

Republicans are nuttier than a boxcar full of almonds.

Meanwhile, the number of people charged in the MAGA Insurrestion have climbed over 300.


Stewart Dean said...

True Conservatives. What would Neanderthals Do? Now that's original intent, reaching back 40,000 years! Got to respect them for consistency.
Of course, these mentions were just jokes, you know, like the little mixup on 1/6. Nobody can take a joke these days, sad.

Ten Bears said...

Frankly, it is unfair ...

To the Neanderthal, as it were, comparing them to today's white-trash. Cro-Magnon, knuckle-dragging cavemen out of the Middle-East, is the more accurate metaphor.

There's a lot we don't know about those who went before, but by all accounts they were far more advanced than the contemporaries who over-ran and assimilated them.

Who would not have survived otherwise.

Stewart Dean said...

Just as the infinitely superior "white" man overran the native Americans. And now we all will perish at that insensate 'superiority' if we cannot reform it and ourselves. Perhaps taking some lessons from those native Americans who lived a sustainable life, respectful of their natural world.

dinthebeast said...

A coalition of Neanderthals has lodged a protest against president Biden for comparing their thinking with that of Republican governors.
"There's obviously some biological activity happening between Republican governors' ears" read the complaint, "but we see no evidence that it has ever risen to the level of thought."

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Richard said...

They have lost their minds. Now they are dragging Dr Seuss and my ancient ancestors into their weird cult. The current GOP is a bunch of nutcase cultists. They actually paraded a golden statue of their thing at that meeting. Well, probably only a few were in on that. But they are not to be trusted.

Tod Germanica said...

Just recently it was discovered that neanderthals' voice organs were as capable as homosapien ones and we've always known their brains were bigger. That they went extinct (mostly-us euro descended volks have a small percentage of their dna through ancient inter-species rolls in the cave) is not evidence of inferiority since at one dire choke point our own species came down to only several thousand early humans and we nearly met the same fate.
But Hansome Joe was speaking figuratively about backward thinking and used the neanderthal meme as a symbol of that. Not as a Trumpien style insult.
It's hard to find pejorative words that damage. Let's look at some:
asshole-sure, it can smell but without one we'd explode.
dick, prick, etc-again, if unwanted or leaky then a problem but otherwise a source of pleasure and of life itself.
Cunt-see 'dick' above.
Creep- we know what this means but why it's a pejorative I don't know.
Geek- formerly a carny biting off live chicken heads: now a IT techie term of pride.
Dog-especially reviled by Arabs for some reason, other people love dogs so hardly an insult at all to some.
Worm- another good guy with a gut, 'the intestines of the soil'.
Insect-mostly used by Maggie on Jiggs, again, necessary for the terrestrial food chain.
Jerk- presumably referring to an excessive fapper, doing no harm really and reducing population. And it's sex with someone I love.
Nut- highly nutricious.
Bum- low carbon footprint, not competing for your job.
Add your own to the list but you'll find that really pejorative terms usually have a benign meaning too.
The trump era and the orange anti-christ can be defined by perfectly normal, non-pejorative English words:
Con man
So,no pejorative insults are even needed here.