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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Probably the Only Think I'll Have to Say About Any of That Bullshit

Apparently it gets even better. Morgan, allegedly, has been on a vendetta against Markle for several years because she had one date with him and then wouldn't date him again.

(Click on it to enlarge) 

So, basically, what we have here is a guy who, in this country, probably would have been slapped with a restraining order.

Some of you might recall that Morgan was hired by CNN to replace Larry King because Morgan was both English and a conservative. So the first thing he damn near did on his show was to say how pleased he was to live in America instead of Old Blightly, then he began lambasting Americans for not acting and living like Britons. He came across as some poofy snob who despised Americans for playing football with an inflated pig's bladder and for owning lots of guns. Americans responded by changing the channel. CNN ended up with the sort of ratings in his timeslot that might be expected if they were running nonstop ads for ambulance-chasers and used-car dealers. So they axed his show and Morgan went back to his homeland with his tail tucked between his legs.

The fact that he's gotten fired, yet again, for being an insufferable prick shows that there is some justice in the world.


Jones, Jon Jones said...

He was entertaining while he lasted on CNN.

dan gerene said...

It seems that people including myself hear an accent they automatically give the speaker certain attributes such as an English accent means sophistication and honor, a French or Italian accent is romantic and a German accent means organization and a mechanical mind set. None of these prove to be true in the long run.

Ten Bears said...

Donna has more to say about it than I ...