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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Shorter GQP: "Life Got Unbearable When They Outlawed Hanging Strange Fruit!"

These people exist:

Life will be so unbearable for clowns like this if there were no such thing as white privilege, if people were treated fairly.


Ten Bears said...

What better way to prove you're a clown than paint your face?

Jimmy T said...

Strange fruit indeed...

Stewart Dean said...

When people who are privileged have their privilege and advantage removed, they likely cannot help but see it as persecution. For that matter, they'll resent being 'woke'd.
We like being privileged and resent being told that we are. Or that rapacious exploitative capitalism and careless hyper-consumption might be bad or have unpleasant consequence.
Maybe we need a do-over of kindergarten to learn how to play well and respectfully with others. Or the species get the Darwin Prize.

Tod Germanica said...

If we are the Democrat party then you are the Republic party, fool.

Ten Bears said...

Look it up

Eck! said...

What dumb bint said they cannot compete if they don't have the advantage?

They didn't realize they had no advantage they were ahead by holding
others at a disadvantage. Yes, the woke'd up, save for they didn't.

TB that used correctly would be they [RQM] are the retarded. Those
retarded are dragging down the society as a whole.

Thankfully they are only maybe 40% give or take.


dinthebeast said...

Well, Roger Stone has a thing for Laura Loomer, and in a sane world that would be an apt punishment for the insanity she spreads.
She calls him a "mentor", though. so sanity isn't an available option here.

-Doug in Sugar Pine