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Thursday, March 25, 2021

Surprise! Cops Are Often Bigots.

In a private Facebook group called the Pittsburgh Area Police Breakroom, many current and retired officers spent the year criticizing chiefs who took a knee or officers who marched with Black Lives Matter protesters, whom they called “terrorists” or “thugs.” They made transphobic posts and bullied members who supported anti-police brutality protesters or Joe Biden in a forum billed as a place officers can “decompress, rant, share ideas.”
Dozens of group members, many retired or no longer in law enforcement, fueled days of transphobic posts about former Pennsylvania Health Secretary Rachel Levine for her role in statewide social-distancing mandates to stop the spread of COVID-19. Levine, who is transgender, has since been tapped by Biden to be assistant health secretary.

The posts referred to Levine as “he” or “it” and called her a “freak” and other names. “Someone needs to shoot this thing!!” one retired officer wrote.

Every person who is transgendered is well aware that any encounter with the cops can end badly because of gun-toting bigots like those guys. I shouldn't be too hard on the cops, though, as there are entire American religious groups and a political party which function on a foundation of hate and bigotry.

Dr. Levine did manage to power past the innate bigotry of the GQP and win confirmation.

1 comment:

Eck! said...

Ever notice that there are the few trying to inflame a larger
group by injecting their negative attitude about some smaller

Is this not the work of bullies?

Bullies need to be treated harshly as thats all they understand.

So is it gun violence... na, that's not acceptable any more.
Rope violence, Hanging?
Stick violence, Club, until they stop whining?
Water violence, Choices waterboard or just drown them....

I know Bus violence, toss them under da bus moving.

Best yet take their retirement away as that's what
would happen if they got caught doing shit before
retirement and fired. Then they have to work and
the better to use their idle time.

As to Rand Paul, the message he was given twice was
outstandingly clear if he could hear and understand

Crude translation is: You need to go to the wood lot
and be educated. In his case there be a line of
assorted people waiting for him.