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Friday, February 19, 2016

Tab Clearing on Gun Stuff

If you think that the Hearing Protection Act of 2015 has a chance of making it into law, you may want to buy threaded barrels now. If the bill gets close to being enacted, or becomes law, those will be unobtainium for a few years.

If the gun control crowd had any brains, they'd work to pass the bill and then, when it came time to bring up restrictions on stuff, they could point to that bill and say "see, we were reasonable, now work with us."

Good thing, I guess, that they're not that smart.


I've read some firearms pundits that say that one should test one's new gun with 1,000 rounds, including 200 rounds of your favorite self-defense load, before opting to carry it.

Yeah, right. And you should walk for 40 minutes a day, get 8 hours of sleep and avoid drinking more than one alcoholic beverage a day, too.

Assuming that you have a 9mm and you are going to shoot the cheapest damn stuff you can, you're still looking at about 20 cents a round, and that's for the nastiest Russian shit. 1,800 rounds of that is about $160. Maybe your gun's maker says to stay away from steel-cased ammo, so you can raise that by a few bucks.

The 200 rounds of your self-defense load-- That stuff usually goes for a buck a round or so.

So you're going to spend in the vicinity of $400 on ammo to test one frigging gun? And if your gun is one of the subcompact lightweight 9mms, you're really going to fire a thousand rounds through it?

In a pig's eye, you will. Most of those things won't see a thousand rounds through them in decades.

.380-- Some of those guns will beat the hell out of you if you shoot them a lot and you're looking around 28-30 cents a round for ball ammo (from here on out, I'm ignoring the cheap-jack Russian shit).

.40 is in the same price range. .45 ACP is close. .45 GAP is lots pricier. .357 Sig is sort of midway between .45 ACP and .45 GAP.

You might have noticed that I didn't mention any revolver cartridges. Revolvers don't have the same concerns, for the most part. As long as you keep them reasonably clean (especially the front of the cylinder and underneath the ejector star), the cartridges designed for it should work fine. Of course, you may not want to shoot heavy bullets in light revolvers or light .357 bullets out of a K-frame, but those are different issues.


I've read some stuff on "every day carry", that says that if you're going to carry concealed, you should carry only one gun all the time.

Well, that's fine, if you can dress the same way every day. Many of us can't. Some days, maybe the only piece you can reasonably carry is a LCP or an Airweight. On days when you can carry a larger gun, why would you want to limit yourself to a tiny gun firing a barely adequate cartridge?


If Hillary Clinton had any sense, she'd ask the NRA if she could speak at the convention this year. That would be pretty close to a "heads I win, tails you lose" proposition for her. If people listen to her, she can go around bragging that she had the stones to take her message to the NRA. If people booed and protested, well, the footage for her campaign ads would be golden.

Probably a good thing that the people running her campaign are proving to be largely anacephalic.

1 comment:

w3ski said...

When I had lots of time on my hands between jobs in the late 70's I did a lot of handloading.
I lived alone in a travel trailer and it rained a lot as in 60 plus inches year, so I reloaded.
I had 6 to 8 weapons .32 to .308 and components seemed cheap. I would load assorted rounds and head to the range a few miles away.
Between accuracy testing and long range plinking I could easily burn 500 rounds in an afternoon.
.357 Revolver at 200 yards, .223 at 400 yards, .308 at 400 plus, 15 and 25 yards for test patterns.
I'd hate to see how much lead is in my bones now 40 years later but it was a gas, pardon the pun.
Left hand, right hand, from the hip. Not all 500 from any one weapon mind you, but 500 say twice a month, add in a few mid week new load tests for my .357.
I had my own key to the range back then too.
I can honestly say I have thousands of rounds through all of my weapons.
The ones I have left don't stutter and can hit at obscene ranges
I can see the idea of hundreds through a self defense gun but like you say that's awfully pricey now. When the 'average joe' puts a clip or two thru their weapon maybe twice a year and the average thug has probably only fired a round or two at best, it would seem any practice will put you ahead in the game.
Now that I am retired I again have time and a 'range' is to walk farther out our dead end road. Still have the press and lots of brass. Might be time to burn some more powder again.
If I can get powder and bullets again?