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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

.40 Short & Weak

With the Feebies fixing to replace their .40s with 9mms, I'd anticipate that a lot other law enforcement agencies will follow right along. Because that's what the cool kids are doing. Cops can be as fashion-conscious as a pack of tweens.

Anyway, if you missed out when all the revolvers* or 2nd/3rd gen Smiths were for sale at good prices, here's another chance at smoking deals.**
* I'm still kicking my ass about not snapping up one of the NYSP Model 28s when they changed to L-frames.
** Sub-$500 Sig 226s, for instance. There are a number of unissued ex-LEO M&P .40s out there, too. Glocks, meh.


Robert Fowler said...

I like my 229 40, a 226 would make a nice addition to the collection. I do think Iwould like it in 9 though. My only 9 is a old S&W 39-2. Not a gun I really want to use for everyday carry.

BadTux said...

Most law enforcement agencies are already carrying 9's though, because even the .40S&W was too vigorous for some of the weenies they're recruiting nowadays. So sure, we can probably get some well used former Feeb .40 S&W's at auctions, but I don't see the mass sell-offs that we saw when the .38's were sold to buy 9mm's and the .357's were sold to buy .40 S&W's.

Comrade Misfit said...

Maybe not "mass" but when I surf the places that have agency trade-in guns, they seem to be almost all .40s.

I can understand why the Feebies would switch, but most of their agents are paper-pushers. They'd do just as well with a S&W M&P in .22LR.

The budgeteers want the switch because 9mm ammo is cheaper and the guns last longer. Training is easier.

CenterPuke88 said...

I always felt the forty slow and weak was a gun looking for a role. I loved my 10mm Auto, Gen 1 Glock, but it's lack of positive safety drove me to sell it off for a XD .45 with a slide lock safety bonus. The 10mm Auto is a great round in it's full power load, but out of anything smaller than a full-sized pistol, a little too rough. Of course, full power Norma or Corbon rounds on an indoor range did generate a shit-load of looks and about 3-4 feet of flame!

Bigcat said...

In 2001, I purchased two S&W 4044 in .40 Smith. For $150 ea. LEO trade ins. Sweet shooting large frame guns, apparently indestructible. Best LEO trades of all time though was when Ohio SP traded ALL of their 870 shotguns in for Bennelli, or some crap. $100 apiece.