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Saturday, February 20, 2016


Gracie, may peace be upon her.

I was going to let it go this year. It's now been four years since her passing. But today is Caturday and it is her yahrzeit. No, I don't think of her a lot, anymore. Yet in looking through old files to find photos, the pain of loss is still there. Not anywhere near as sharp, but sort of like an old injury that twinges as a reminder.

The photo is from over 11 years ago, before arthritis began to slow her down, before her thyroid went out of whack and before cancer of the jaw took her.

I still miss her.


w3ski said...

I so know that feeling. My girl Clutter, was a really good friend for almost 18 years. During my divorce the dog would hide from my grief but that little kitty would walk over and curl up in my lap to comfort me. She shared my pillow at night and would wake me with a paw to my lips if I was snoring. It's been a couple years now since I had to let her go. She told me it was time when quit eating at all, no matter what I tried. Just a slip of a wild eyed kitty lost at a shopping center one Christmas season and she shared so much of my life. We have 6 cats here now, none of them have her spirit but I love them all I can. Somewhere though is another special wild eyed kitten lost and I keep looking, that's what my special girl would have wanted for me.
I use her picture as my Avatar here so I remember her every time I post.
I Love my kitties

Murphy's Law said...

We never forget our friends, and as long as we don't, they're never really gone.

BOB PAGE said...

That makes you two things... human and normal.