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Monday, February 15, 2016

Tab Clearing: Cats, Encryption, and Idiots

I really don't care if cat treats are addictive. Jake is in his 20th year and he likes them.


Jake has had a persistent bladder infection. Convenia didn't touch it. Two weeks of Baytril seemed to help, but it started to come back three days later (symptom: blood in pee). He went back on Baytril for another two weeks and came off that 8 days ago. The symptoms haven't returned, he's appetite is better. Maybe he turned the corner on this.

I did toss out his old litter box a week into the second go-round of Baytril. Just in case.

The other thing was that during all of this, he dribbled a little pee on my bed, so he got the idea that he could pee there. I banned him from my bedroom over a month ago. Everything was washed, several times (thankfully, it didn't penetrate down to the mattress or the pad). I sprayed the bed and the bedclothes repeatedly with pet-odor killer.

After a week or so of keeping the door shut, I put up a baby gate to keep him out. Basically, one like this:

Except it was lots cheaper and made of pine. It worked, even if it was a PITA to step over. A younger cat would have jumped right over, but Jake's an old man.

I took it down yesterday. Jake got on my bed and laid there, as he has always done. When he needed to use the litter box, that's where he went. All back to normal. For now.


For years, I've had a link to my public PGP key as a signature in my emails. I've also have Signal installed on my smartphone. Only one regular correspondent and I exchange encrypted emails. Nobody uses Signal.

Which I take to mean that while a lot of people blather on about privacy, nobody really gives a shit about it. For they won't take even basic steps to keep their communications private. You might as well go back to sending postcards, people.


Some idiot was arrested for carrying one of these:

And for, when a real police asked the idiot if he was a cop, the jerkoff said that he was.

Folks, if you have one of those badges, then either toss it in a drawer or, better yet, toss it altogether. There is no benefit from having one. If a real cop sees you with one, he might just bust you on an impersonation charge. The chances of having one and getting anything positive from it are slim to nonexistent.


Deadstick said...

Sure there's a benefit: it blurs your perception of the distinction between "stud" and "stupe".

Robert Fowler said...

I'd like to have one of those badges just because I collect odd stuff. Wearing one in public goes beyond stupid. Especially duffus's (duffi?) like that idiot.

Sevesteen said...

If your firearms instructor wears one...go somewhere else.
I was helping inlaws get their carry licenses, sat through a class with them. The instructor wore one of these. Class was meet the legal minimums in minimum time and cost. Instructor was...as you would expect from the badge, plus a loudmouthed blowhard. Turns out he didn't own the shop or the FFL, and wound up busted for theft by deception relating to consignment guns.