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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Don't Be Videoing Gunfights, You Idiots

As a followup to this post, I want to harp on the imbeciles who hold up their smart phones and video gunfights.

Last year, NYPD cops got into a running gunfight with some perp. The cops fired 84 shot and hit the bad guy once, in the calf.

When eight LAPD officers thought that they were being shot at by two women who were delivering newspapers, they fired over 100 rounds at them. Most missed the truck. The bullets hit homes and other vehicles.

A hell of a lot of cops, probably a huge majority of them, only fire their guns on a range when they have to. They are not experts. Couple in heavy triggers (mandated to reduce the chances of accidentally shooting themselves), adrenaline and large-capacity magazines and what you get is a recipe for "spray and pray". If it's truly a two-way gunfight, then the other party might not be any better at it.

All of which means that bullets will be flying everywhere and bullets care not what they hit. Get behind cover* or run the fuck away until you can get behind cover. You are not getting paid to march towards the sound of the guns.

One of these amateur videographers is going to catch a stray round, sooner or later. Don't be that guy.
* "Cover" is a place where the bullets aren't going to hit you.


Old NFO said...

The idjits get killed, Darwin wins! :-)

B said...

Yeah, didn't used to be 12 lb triggers until they all went GLOCK....

Guns had safeties or were DA revolvers.

Mark Matis said...

If that brave individual HADN'T videoed those LA "finest", just WHAT do you think the story would have been?

Comrade Misfit said...

Nobody, as far as I know, videoed the cops shooting up the ladies delivering newspapers.