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Friday, September 16, 2016

Because It's Friday

Steam sawmill demonstration:

Some of the footage is laden with lens lice. But there is enough visible to make an OSHA inspector drink heavily. You'll see plenty of things where a moment's inattention would give someone a really bad day.

The second to last verse of The Secrets of the Machines applies.


B said...

Much machinery of the era was "dangerous"....

I own many hit and miss engines that are just waiting to grab a sleeve in a gear and tear your arm off, or a digit or something like that. Mowers that will bite your ankle off...Steam engines with exposed belts waiting to drag you in (and around). (I actually had that happen on a 3 HP kerosene engine. Was lucky and only bruised.....I'm more careful these days...)

Comrade Misfit said...

Dad had an old baler that was powered by a 2-cyl gas engine and which used an exposed flat bet to run it. I was paranoid about that thing.

Not uncommon to see guys in farm country missing an arm or leg when a PTO grabbed a sleeve or a pants leg.

Knew a guy who got partially dragged into a wood-chipper that way. He pulled himself out, but it was too late and he bled out, alone.

deadstick said...

Ah, the good old days, without all those job-killing regulations...

Robert Fowler said...

We had a neighbor when I was a kid that was missing his right hand. He was picking corn and decided he could clear the snap rollers with the tractor running. When I got old enough to start running equipment, Dad always told me to shut everything off or I could end up like "Lefty". I only needed that talk once.