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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Seems That Trump Thinks Slavery Wasn't So Bad.

Donald Trump made another eyebrow-raising comment in his efforts to speak to the African-American community Tuesday, telling a rally in North Carolina that blacks in the United States are in their worst shape “ever, ever, ever.”
What sort of historically blind imbecile would even say something like that, you might ask. Your choices:
  1.  A white supremacist.
  2. Donald J. Trump.
  3. Both of the above.
  4. There's no difference between #1 and #2.
Slavery. Jim Crow. Lynch law. Yepper, times were so much better back then.


Paul Wartenberg said...

it's still a tone-deaf attempt by Trump - and in part by Republicans - trying to convince Black voters to open up to a "better" Republican brand (because those silly evil librul Democrats haven't ever "delivered" their "promises" to the Black communities, now have they?).

The GOP is desperate to break up the near-monopoly that Democrats have with the Black voting bloc, because that essentially solidifies enough Blue states like New York and Illinois, keeps Purple states like Virginia in play, and makes vulnerable Red states like Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina (!) into toss-ups.

Never mind the facts that Black voters can see right well which party is working to actively suppress their rights (Republicans), which party has obstructed and hampered social aid programs that could help poor communities (Republicans), and which party at the state level has been eliminating city and county controls replacing them with corrupt state-picked "managers" as well as barring cities from passing their own wages and civil rights laws (Republicans).

Nangleator said...

In "their worst shape ever" means they were all buffed out as slaves. Too fat and lazy now. Better off in the fields, building up their cores.

Spud said...

I suppose that you could say they all had jobs, a roof over their heads and were fed well....now days, not so much.
Of course, then too, I've a black friend who pulls down like 70k a year, whom might beg to differ. Of course he speaks English well and spent a hitch in the military after which he got an education. In other words, he tried and succeeded....

B said...

yeah, you folks can't be rational when it comes to him, can you?

If you'd take Illary's comments in the same vein, she'd look worse.

But then again, Your hatred of Trump overrides everything, doesn't it....even rationality and logic.

He's right though. The Black Community is in worse shape than BEFORE the Democrats started to "help". You know that, you know that is what he meant, and you still fill the echo chamber with such drivel.

Sad. Very sad.

Comrade Misfit said...


Bull fucking shit.

The man is running for President. None of us should be required to delve into his mind and figure out what he meant to say.

Trump said "ever, ever, ever". That's pretty damn definite.

Why the Wingnut community feels a need to play: "what he meant to say" only shows how badly all of you are suffering from Clinton Derangement Syndrome.

B said...


Clinton Derangement Syndrome? Perhaps. But I at least don't have to 'Infer" from her comments and statements. I can dislike her for what she SAYS. Your Trump Derangement requires that you twist what he says to fit your preconceives notions of what you think he is saying.

Think about psychological help.

DTWND said...

B. C'mon now. The republicans have only themselves to blame. To have put forth a nominee as divisive as Trump, while the democrats nominate probably the weakest, most beatable candidate in 20-some years is incredulous. Any of the more rational candidates (from Kasich to Rubio to even Cruz) would win in a landslide. But from where I sit, it looks as though the republican party started sliding downhill when they embraced the tea party movement and now can't get off the sled even though the proverbial cliff is coming close quickly.

Seems to me that the republican "message" is that 'if I can't have it my way, I'll burn this house to the ground just so you can't have anything either.' Sad and pitiful, especially since there once was a republican that said a house divided cannot stand. A. L.

dinthebeast said...

According to the new numbers from the census bureau African Americans (and pretty much everyone else) are doing measurably better right now than they were last year, or the year before that, and certainly better than in 2009, so what we are dealing with here is a LIE.
That's the best case scenario, and not the most likely. More likely is that he knows better and is desperately trying to convince some suburban white voters who don't want to vote for a racist that he isn't one.
Black people aren't stupid, and they won't vote for Trump. He's still polling between zero and two percent with them. Nobody with two working neurons to rub together believes he'll get any substantial percentage of the minority vote, so why not call what he's doing by its real name?

-Doug in Oakland

Anonymous said...

Seems like blacks today are shooting each other more than when they were slaves.

Comrade Misfit said...

That has to be one of the more nonsensical comments that has been made on this blog for a very long time, Tim.

(If you wanted to come on here and prove that you're a jackass, you're off to a fine start.)

B said...

See, you are wrong...

Maybe I might have considered Cruz. Maybe. Probably not though

Rubio? Not a chance. If he and Hillary were my choice, Ida voted 3rd party.

The Tea Party came about because the RNC and DNC were two sides of the same coin. The RNC deserted folks like me.

I really don't like Trump. I wish the RNC had supported a decent candidate. But they didn't. The choices were establishment candidates who weren't really different than the DNC candidates, or Trump. And the members chose Trump....

Seriously though, you folks should get a grip...use the same standards of judgement for both of them.

dinthebeast said...

The tea party was a massive rebranding effort for Republicans who didn't want to be associated with the Bush administration after it came crashing down in flames. So like German soldiers after the fall of Berlin who stopped fleeing the scene of the crime only long enough to burn their uniforms, Republicans put on funny hats and called themselves Independents who had no knowledge of this "Bush" person you speak of.
Stir in a hundred million Koch dollars, add one Dick Armey and bake under the foul glow of Roger Ailes and Presto! You have a grassroots movement.
You notice that they have largely dissipated in correlation with the readmission of G.W. Bush's name to polite society.

-Doug in Oakland

B said...

Doug: I see that you have obviously staked out your position....you know little about that which you speak, (tea party in particular) and you don't care to learn anything that might disturb that position.

Sign of a zealot, really.

dinthebeast said...

If I sound like a zealot to you, perhaps it might be the result of being castigated as a traitor, fifth-columnist, surrender monkey for the high crime of being right about the utter folly perpetrated by the Bush administration from the moment he stole the 2000 election to the present day. Call me what you like, but I'm not mistaken in what I said.

-Doug in Oakland