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Friday, September 2, 2016

So Where's My Local Taco Truck?

A Latino surrogate for the Trump campaign warned Thursday that without tighter immigration policies from the Republican presidential nominee, "you're going to have taco trucks on every corner."
So when I don't feel like preparing dinner, I can walk 200' to the corner and get fresh tacos and a beer?

Sounds like a hell of a deal to me.

I presume that testing Trump's surrogates for at least a room-temperature IQ is not routinely done.


Paul Wartenberg said...

send me some seed money and I can get a taco truck in your neighborhood! Mama Wartenberg's special German-Irish taco recipe!

dinthebeast said...

Shout out to my favorite East Oakland taco truck, El Grullo.

-Doug in Oakland

Marc said...

As the internets have already posted: "Make Election Day Taco Tuesday!".

Personally I like the idea - Tacos and Voting - two good things, good together!

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Never liked tacos, personally. I won't mind election day being the last taco tuesday.

deadstick said...

Gags aside, what kind of self-loathing does this pendejo suffer from?

hans said...

There's some comfort in amusing ourselves over Trump's Taco Trucks (TM)[Pat.Pend](c), but we could be amusing ourselves to death.

Tempting as it is to dismiss He, Trump as an ignorant buffoon, he's not. He has remarkable political instincts and/or the most uncanny intelligence, whichever, and that seems to have given him a lock on something around the mid-40% of the electorate - voters who'd crawl naked over broken glass to cast a ballot for him.

Meanwhile, the frothers scream n rain scannions on Hillary - and to telling effect, judging by her increasing unfavorables. Back in the 60s a political theory was posited that unrelenting attacks, plausible or not, would drive supporters of a candidate from the field; we can see this playing out right now. Potential Clinton voters are going, like mheh, a pox on 'em all. The libertarians are likely to take something around 10% of the vote, the Greens 2~3%. Trump can win this.

Comrade Misfit said...

I am not dismissing Trump. I know a number of people who are going to vote for him, because they think that the applecart needs to be upended. Most would have voted for Sanders. But they all say that a vote for Clinton is a vote for the status quo, which for the last thirty years, has only seemed to have worked for the oligarchy.

The Trump voters I know all acknowledge his short-comings, from being a complete narcissist to being just shy of a sheet-wearing racist. But they see nobody else in a position to start ripping up the old order. And they'll run the risk of his candidacy being a whole-cloth con job.

dinthebeast said...

The problem I have with that is that he won't upend anything, he'll just appoint thousands of Republicans to positions in the government, who will then do the thing they always do, and we'll be cleaning up the damage for another ten years, just like last time. Then there's the supreme court, and the fact that he has sworn he'll appoint a justice to overturn Roe v Wade. That's a deal breaker in itself for me.
I would also like to note that the status quo (read that the Obama administration) made it possible for me to get cataract surgery last year when I was going blind and didn't have the thousand dollars that Medicare doesn't pay for the procedure. So I guess it depends on your point of view whether things are in need of tearing down in order to save them.

-Doug in Oakland

Big Sweetie said...

What dinthebeast said. Trump would destroy my America, flawed though it be.