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Monday, September 5, 2016

For Those Who Think that the MSM is in the Tank for Clinton

Then you might ponder why this story isn't a big deal:
Florida's attorney general personally solicited a political contribution from Donald Trump around the same time her office deliberated joining an investigation of alleged fraud at Trump University and its affiliates

The new disclosure from Attorney General Pam Bondi's spokesman to The Associated Press on Monday provides additional details around the unusual circumstances of Trump's $25,000 donation to Bondi.

The money came from a Trump family foundation in apparent violation of rules surrounding political activities by charities. A political group backing Bondi's re-election, called And Justice for All, reported receiving the check Sept. 17, 2013 — four days after Bondi's office publicly announced she was considering joining a New York state probe of Trump University's activities, according to a 2013 report in the Orlando Sentinel.

After the check came in, Bondi's office nixed suing Trump, citing insufficient grounds to proceed.
It's been pretty much ignored, until this:
Donald Trump paid the IRS a $2,500 penalty this year, an official at Trump's company said, after it was revealed that Trump's charitable foundation had violated tax laws by giving a political contribution to a campaign group connected to Florida's attorney general.
let that sink in a little: Trump has used his "charitable foundation" to funnel what would appear to be a payoff to the Flodia AG in exchange for not going after his ass, and then covered it up with by claiming a donation to another group:
In that year's tax filings, The Post reported, the Trump Foundation did not notify the IRS of this political donation. Instead, Trump's foundation listed a donation — also for $25,000 — to a Kansas charity with a name similar to that of Bondi's political group. In fact, Trump's foundation had not given the Kansas group any money.

The prohibited gift was, in effect, replaced with an innocent-sounding but nonexistent donation.
Paying off politicians to not go after him, covering it up by lying about who got the money, getting fined by the IRS for doing all that and he has the gall to call Clinton "crooked"?


Marc said...

Getting elected is tRumps only chance of delaying litigation which has been hounding him for years. Probably the #2 reason he is in the race. The #1 reason he is in the race is to scam for more money. Take a look at the latest filings, and he is bleeding the RNC dry. They have about $15M right now vs $25-35M in past Presidential cycles. If the RNC didn't have the media giving free airtime, the polls would be showing something like a 80% support for Clinton and 20% for Trump. The 20% of course is from the Tea Party, KKK, and (R) diehards who hate anyone who is not an old straight white male (R).

As was said before, if in 2008 Obama had stood on stage with his three wives and five children from those wives, he would never have been considered electable. Now there is Trump....where laws, conventional political wisdom, and civil discourse have all been shown the door in order to keep the Reality Show "Who Want's To Be A President?" running. Bothsiderism, and Clinton Rules in the press make this election so much worse for us, but keep the ratings up for them...

3383 said...

Marc, keep telling yourself why people who don't agree with you vote the way the do. I voted for Obama the second time, and for Bill both, but there is almost zero chance I will vote for Hillary.

The "MSM" (I feel CNN is definitely biased, imho), if this is a conspiracy, would maybe not play this up because it is so close to what the Clinton Foundation is often accused of. Why have it get brought up (in rebuttal) again?

dinthebeast said...

But, but, but, emails, servers, Vince Foster, and Benghaaaaazi!!!

-Doug in Oakland