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Monday, December 14, 2009

The Top 5 Rules of Airline Flying

MSNBC has their top five rules of airline flying.Here are mine:
  1. Stay home and do it by videoconference if at all possible. If not;
  2. Amtrak; or
  3. Drive; or
  4. Fly private. Even bouncing around for five hours and two legs in a Cessna 172 beats having to deal with the strip-searching and luggage-contents-stealing goons of the TSA. But if all else fails;
  5. Send a ticket to whomever you need to see and have them come to you.


SkinnyDennis said...

Amtrak yeah! I've been doing x-country by rail for a couple of years, only way to not-fly.

Sarah said...

And of course, the very best seat on any plane is "0-A" ?

BadTux said...

Yeah rub it in people. I spent four hours bouncing around in an aluminum tube today to go to a rust belt city where I'm going to train some people on our software, with the weather forecast being snow and ice tomorrow yo. I got chosen because everybody else has holiday duties with kids and etc. and I don't, they figured out I'm single and only have cats, who don't care about holidays, just about whether they have sufficient kibble, water, and toilet supplies. Merry f***ing Christmas to me, ho ho ho.

- Badtux the Flying (alas) Penguin

Cujo359 said...

Your rules make more sense. For instance, bringing food onto a plane isn't all that easy. Some airports feature places where you can buy some food that you can take on, but getting food past the TSA? I won't even try that until I'm pretty sure the alternative is starvation.