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Friday, December 11, 2009


I've gotten away from reading much in the way of SF over the last few decades. Hard-boiled PI stuff is more to my liking. And yes, I do not read legal fiction; why the hell would I want to read about my own field for fun is beyond me. Reading fiction is escapism.

But having said that, I stumbled over the blog "I Work on a Starship". It is very good stuff and if you like technical-type SF, you will not be disappointed, though you do have to go to her home blog, click on the "I work on a starship" tag, and page back to November of last year to get to the beginning. At least I think it is the beginning.

Hopefully, there will be a book someday.


Eck! said...

Cool beans. More, More, more!

Good SF, none of the fantasy crap.


Roberta X said...

Thanks. Eck! And thanks to E.B., too, for her kind comments and links!

Comrade Misfit said...

Roberta, you have a real talent for techie=type fiction. I would urge you to try to publish it, if you can stand the self-abashed-promotion that it takes (see larry Correia of Monster Hunter International).

Eck! said...

Roberta, anytime ya want to talk about ceramic metal tetrodes I have some 4cx250 and 4cx10000 stories.

this xyl has hacked radio and digital for a lot of years.

Great read, had to fish all the way back
but got them all.