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Monday, December 14, 2009

Morning Choices

You can read this story about Traitor Joe (may the tens of millions of people who cannot afford health insurance live long enough to urinate on his grave).

You can read how Rupert Murdoch is turning the WSJ into a neo-con propaganda outlet (as everyone prophesied).

Or you can watch this video of a cute kitten:

My advice is that you go with the kitten.


Don Brown said...

-- until someone talks some sense into me....

I think the leadership should call Joe's bluff (along with the rest of them.) Unemployment won't turn around before election time and that means most unemployed won't have any health insurance. Let's see if Joe & Co. are willing to risk their wrath. The comfy folks stay home on election day. The angry vote.

Don Brown

BadTux said...

Definitely a kitten morning. Blood pressure won't stand the other two.

- Badtux the Choosing Penguin

Comrade Misfit said...

Traitor Joe isn't up for re-election until `12, so it's not as though he gives a shit. If the Republicans get close to a majority, he'll jump ship.

Cirze said...

As he doesn't come up for reelection until '12, I think we gotta go ahead and take him out.

Errrhh. That didn't come out right, what I meant was the Dims better take him out (of the leadership) or suffer the consequences themselves at the polls.

Just sayin'.


Comrade Misfit said...

I think they need to kick his ass out of the Democratic caucus and take away his committee chairmanship(s). the little fuck is a Republican, anyway.

Anonymous said...

Lieberman already jumped ship -- he's nominally an Independent. He's in the perfect position to fuck both parties.

I'm vaguely surprised that ol' Snarlin' Arlen Sphincter didn't pull the same thing.

Ruckus said...

may the tens of millions of people who cannot afford health insurance live long enough to urinate on his grave
I'll bet we could hire a tanker truck, save the wait and get a twofer. Course one tanker wouldn't hold anywhere near enough.