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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Drive or Take a Bus or Take a Train or even a Ship

Videoconference, even. But whatever you do, it would seem that flying on an airliner should be the very last thing you would want to do. Dental surgery would probably be more enjoyable, at this point. For flying on a commercial airliner, which has not been much in the way of fun since 9-11, is about to get a lot worse.

For the last hour of the flight, you now have to sit in your seat with your hands folded in your lap. No food, no computer, no nothing. And if you think you might have to use the bathroom, expect to be arrested and charged with failure to obey a cabin Nazi, or some other felony beef, so you might as well wear one of those homicidal-astronaut diapers.

The "nothing in your lap, sit down and shut up for the last hour" is nothing other than the same sort of security theater bullshit that one would expect from the lovable stormtroopers at the DBP. The fear-mongerers have to be seen to be doing something, however ineffectual, so each time some bozo tries something, they will make flying even more and more like being incarcerated in a prison. Sooner or later, all passengers will be required to strip naked and will then be issued disposable coveralls and booties for their flight. That may sound ludicrous, but the day is coming. And you can just bet your ass that there are people in the DBP who are planning for the implementation of such a procedure.


montag said...

It would be a lot easier if they just cut back on the cabin air recycling so that folks just pass out between takeoff & landing.

SkinnyDennis said...

This is fucking stupid.

I toyed with the idea of making 1 direction of my annual x-county trip to visit the grandson by air instead of our usual Amtrak trek to save some bucks, but screw the airlines, I'm railin' it both ways.

Marc said...

So, if this fool decided to 'light up' 10 minutes into the flight, then these fools would just have everyone wear diapers and a straightjacket for the whole trip? These guys would have been great movers of deck chairs on a certain ship...

Ruckus said...

They wouldn't have moved the chairs, they would have set them on fire so you could see there weren't enough lifeboats.

Cujo359 said...

That's what I don't get - why is the last hour of a flight so special? The 9/11 hijackers took control of the planes in the first hour. Does everyone now not remember this because it happened during the previous Administration?

Leave it to the Obama Administration to exceed the Bushies in both foolishness and inhumanity.