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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Treason Speaks

This column, a disguised call for a military coup, is nothing short of treason and/or sedition.

The writer should be thoroughly ashamed of himself. And he should be tarred, feathered, and ridden out of town on a sharp wooden rail.

Assholes on the Right, such as that clown, lost an election. They lost an election because they backed an administration that ran this nation into a ditch and then they backed a ticket that appeared to be comprised of the political analogues of Grandpa Munster and Anna Nicole Smith. And because they lost a free and fair presidential election (arguably the first free presidential election in 12 years), they are now acting like a bunch of deposed thugs, trying to scheme their way back into power.

They lost a presidential election and two congressional elections. That's called "democracy," folks. If you lose, you bide your time, you learn from your defeats, you recast yourselves and you go out and persuade the people to give you another chance.

What you do not do is try to arrange a military coup (not the first time the Right has had such dreams, by the way). You do not engage in mob rule (an old fascist trick).

Anyone who calls for the overthrow of our duly elected by military force is not a patriot. Anyone who even thinks of that is a seditious bastard.

And anyone who thinks that such a thing would be a "bloodless coup" is one seriously delusional sick fuck. A lot of us who believe in democracy also have guns and a lot of us will stand up for our liberty our country and our Constitution.

Count on it.


Postscript: Anyone who also believes that the military is some unthinking monolith that will unquestioningly follow the orders of a handful of generals who decide to overthrow the government is both inexperienced in military service and seriously unhinged from reality. The coup plotters, and those who encourage them, could very well wind up on the wrong end of a series of firing squads.

Postscript II: ThinkProgress is reporting this morning that the website which posted the vile spewing of that seditious bastard has taken the column down. But since nothing ever truly vanishes from the Internet, it still can be found. If you look at Newsmax's list of seditious bastards columnists, the author of that vile piece, John L. Perry, is nowhere to be found.

P.S. III: TPM has the full text of the rantings of the seditious bastard.


Stenotrophomonas said...

The corporatists have beaten them to it.

Anonymous said...

A couple of other blogs are reporting this utter SHIT, too. I followed the link and sent a "Dear Fuckface" email to the source. So far, haven't heard back. I pretty much told them what you said. BASTARDS.

Anonymous said...

This is some crazy ass shit. But you can damn well believe that plenty of his fellows have similar ideas about the Final Solution to the "problem" of having a nigger President too. Because that's what it all boils down to: Obama is BLACK. And that chaps their racist asses big-time, meow.