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Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Mouldering Corpse to Lay At the Feet of Glenn Beck and His Ilk

From TPM:
When Bill Sparkman told retired trooper Gilbert Acciardo that he was going door-to-door collecting census data in rural Kentucky, the former cop drew on years of experience for a warning: "Be careful."

The 51-year-old Sparkman was found this month hanged from a tree near a Kentucky cemetery with the word "fed" scrawled on his chest, a law enforcement official said Wednesday, and the FBI is investigating whether he was a victim of anti-government sentiment.
Is there anybody who is surprised that this has begun to happen?



Anonymous said...

Surprised? That an inbred fuckhead teabagger probably offed this poor schoolteacher under the delusion that his Lord and Savior Glenn Beck would be pleased? Oh puh-LEEZE. You'd have to have a brain smaller than a cat to be surprised by this inevitable outcome of all the ranting that Crazy Beck, Rush Limpdick, and their ilk are putting out over the fact that a black President done got electorated and that makes their white bedsheets quake. Well, a brain smaller than a cat, or a teabagger, who apparently use their brains only as paperweights. Bah, a hairball in the shoe for these cretins!

Unknown said...

I have been getting the rightwingers all over both blogs for my post on this blaming Batshit Bachmann and Beck for their weird-ass beliefs about the census.

We have been doing the census since 1790 for the love of pete.

BobG said...

I think it's more likely he stumbled onto a meth lab or someone's cannabis patch, and somebody panicked.

Comrade Misfit said...

Bob, I don't think that is as likely, for if they thought he was a cop and whacked him, they would have at least tried to conceal the corpse. This seems more as though someone is sending a message.