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Thursday, September 17, 2009

No, Our Children Is Not Learning

Ignorance is a growing industry.

What kind of drooling-level stupid does one have to be to have guessed that Barack Obama wrote the Declaration of Independence?

You can read more here.



montag said...

They can probably write champion essays on castrating beef cattle and improving corn yields. Specialists in their environments.

Mule Breath said...

Don't think so, Montag. Certainly much of OK is rural, but OKC and Tulsa are much like Dallas and Fort Worth... or even Denver and Colorado Springs.

Maybe your comment was tongue in cheek... but I'd almost bet that the kids with knowledge in improved corn yields would score better on these simple questions than those from the cities.

Connecticut Man1 said...

I'm sure many of these kids will end up growing up to believe that the USA was founded as "one nation under their own personal God, but not yours" (Yes, layers of irony there) and that the only real amendments to the Constitution were the 2nd and the 10th.

Blue said...

I would point out that it's the 77% you have to worry more about (especially the perceived valid responses of Lincoln and Washington) as this is high school and (one would hope) the Obama and Jackson responses are sarcastic although they may reflect membership in the Don't Know fellowship as well.

Hey, 14% ain't bad ... it was Jefferson, right?

Doug said...

I can see how a similar poll might have been answered by high schoolers:

"Do you know how to fill out polling forms?" (YES) 39% (NO) 50% (Don't understand) 11%

"But you just filled one out just now!" (YES) 39% (NO) 42% (Don't understand) 19%

"(That wasn't a question.)" (YES) 9% (NO) 10% (Don't understand) 81%

"Let's go drink" (YES) 99% (NO) 0% (Don't understand) 1%

(Joke totally ripped from XKCD.)