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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Snark About Cirrus

You've possibly heard of Cirrus, the airplanes with built-in parachutes.

They're pretty fast, they have luxurious interiors and glass panel instruments:

And of course, they have parachutes.

But for another view, check out the "CEO of the cockpit" on AvWeb. He argues that that the Cirruses ("Cirri?") are being marketed to non-pilots. It would seem to me that the marketing is akin to the way that luxury cars were marketed prior to World War I, when they were sold to swells who could afford to hire chauffeurs.

He argues that real pilots want to fly airplanes like this:

And this:

Or, if you need more than two seats, this:

And, last and, in my opinion, best:

(Because I own one)

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