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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Scraping the Barrel

You probably may not know that the Navy is sending officers and sailors to serve in Iraq. Another article. Roughly 3% of the Navy is on the ground in Iraq. The Air Force is also sending people.

One of the commentators to the article in the New London Day has the right of it: This is indeed a sign of desperation. It is a rare thing in warfare for a navy to send its sailors to serve as soldiers, doing so is a clear indication that its army counterpart has run out of soldiers.

More to the point, when people make a choice of their branch of service, they do so in large part because of what that service does. Sending sailors and airmen to Iraq to do the job of soldiers is a breaking of the faith with those sailors and airmen. It is a breaking of the basis of the understanding that those men and women had when they signed up. Bush is not satisfied by only breaking the Army and the Marines, he is going to break the Navy and the Air Force.

Bush is doing more damage to the military than the Soviet Union could ever have dreamed of doing. Bush has recruited more jihadis to the ranks of the militants than bin Ladin could ever have. Bush has given Iran's government all of the rationales that they needed in order to work towards building a nuclear weapon. In every way, Bush has served to boost the power and influence of our enemies.

You have to wonder what his true agenda really is.

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