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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Another Right-Wing Hypocrite

Self-styled conservatives like to sneer anytime someone plays the race card in "they don't like me because I am (insert racial category here). Conservatives like to say that it is ability that matters.

But when they mess up, they have no qualms about playing the race card. I offer, for your consideration, Rachel Paulose, the now-former US Attorney in Minneapolis, an attorney who got her job solely because of her loyalty to Chimpy and his designated torturer, Gonzo. She is stepping down for a staff job in D.C. She says she is being shitcanned because she is a "person of color."

Managerial incompetence had nothing to do with it, I gather. Normally that would be a snarky comment, but given the level of competence of the Bush Administration, Paulose was pretty much par for the course.


Jimmy Davis said...

You know what irritates me about who is put in charge of this countries agencies is their level of competence. Meaning none.

I've been trying to obtain a job for nearly 18 months. I have an Engineering Physics degree and a Physics Masters.

What the hell, FEMA was headed by the manager of a horse show?!? I don't get it, I was told I was not even qualified to run a homeless shelter.

I just don't get it. Thanks for the laughs by the way. ;P

Comrade Misfit said...

Problem is that the Bush Administration is anti-competence. If you could do the job competently, that might make people thing government can do good things, so you won't ever be hired by these putzim.